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By Tiffany Baptiste

Fashion trends seem to come and go, but some of them don’t stay gone for too long. Some fashion trends eventually make a comeback, and 2016 is no different.

Many of the trends for 2016 being predicted by fashion experts are popular fashion trends from decades past, and some are trends from last year rolling over to the New Year.

Here are some of the things re-emerging for 2016. Do you remember them?


Patchwork Prints

Remember madras, the patchwork plaid print pants and shirts from the early 2000s? Well, that idea is back, but not quite as tacky. The runways are seeing the return of patchwork prints but with bigger patches to make it less overwhelming. The new trick to this trend is also to wear it in less structured pieces such as trapeze dresses and flowy skirts. Also, try to keep this trend to one piece per outfit. One reason for the swift death of the madras trend was the overuse of the print in a single outfit.



image1xxl (6)Say goodbye to platform shoes because flatforms have returned from the ’90s. Platforms have slowly been phased out with the return of single-soled heels. Phasing them out more with the return of flatforms. I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the Spice Girls, but the return of the flatform shoe doesn’t come that high. They first made their return a couple of years ago, and they seem to be making a bigger push onto the fashion scene. The new versions of the flatform shoe come no higher than three inches tall, so there is less of a risk of falling and breaking your ankles. You can get flatforms in multiple styles such as tennis shoes, sandals or booties.


Flare leg pants/jeans

The ’70s are back…again. The ’70s made their return in the year 2000, and now it has returned again. Trapeze dresses, flowy tops, bell sleeves and fringe all made their return last year. Now, flare leg pants and jeans have returned to join the family. While it may not be as wide as the bell bottoms your parents or grandparents wore, they are a departure from the skinny jean trend that has stuck around for a while now. The simple flare leg pant adds a little softness to an outfit, especially when paired with a blazer or blouse. Add a pair of flatforms or a pair of classic pumps to keep the look pulled together.


Long Skirts and Jackets

We are leaving the mini-skirts and short jackets alone and going a little more modest again with the return of long skirts and jackets. We started last year with the return of midi-skirts, and the winter brought the return of the classic long trench coat. The trick to making these trends work is a balance of length and balance of volume. This trend seems that it will be around a while since the midi skirt made its return last year. The long jacket has now not only in the trench coat but also in lighter styles such as linen and chiffon and heavier styles such as wool and faux fur.

The New Year doesn’t always necessarily come with new trends. Many trends of late have simply been repeats, and 2016 isn’t proving to be anything different.


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