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While it seems that we just celebrated New Year’s, Mardi Gras is right around the corner thanks to an early Carnival and Easter this year.

It may seem like you’ll be scrambling for something festive to wear, whether you’re going to the some of the parades in the area or taking a trip down to New Orleans for the big day.

Have no fear — DIG is here to help.

You can always go the traditional route and grab a classic purple, green and gold striped rugby shirt from Perlis that you have seen everyone wear from a toddler to your grandparents. Or if you are looking to stand out from the crowd to be different and to help you friends find you in a crowd you can mix up and go for a new look.

Ladies can keep it festive but simple by wearing a Mardi Gras headband. Sheila McKanstry of Miyah’s Closet Boutique offers a collect of Mardi Gras-themed headbands designed and created by McKanstry.

McKanstry sells other merchandise year round, but because Mardi Gras has a special place in her heart, she felt the need to make sure she created a Mardi Gras collection every year.

“My love for Mardi Gras season stems from my childhood growing up in Lake Charles,” said McKanstry. “I enjoy making themed headbands and the beautiful bright colors, food and music of the Mardi Gras Season were definitely my inspiration.”

She has created her Mardi Gras-themed headbands for three years.

McKanstry says that another part of her inspiration comes from the various Carnival krewes and their floats. This inspiration helps her come up with each headband’s look, almost like a keepsake for her customers.

“My goal with each piece is to give my customer a part of the Louisiana Mardi Gras experience.”

What makes McKanstry’s designs distinct from others is that they range from simple, like her solid gold sequin headband with a Fleur de Lis and feathers, to the ornate, like her chevron headband design decorated with flowers, feathers, doubloons and beads.

While Mardi Gras headbands have become a little more popular in recent years for Carnival time, McKanstry says that she receives orders for the headbands throughout the year from customers for other occasions making it a great addition to her collection.

“We receive orders for headbands year round for weddings, and bridal showers and Mardi Gras themed fundraisers from all across the world.”

Headbands from Miyah’s Closet Boutique are available at the website miyahscloset.etsy.com.

Designs are priced from $13.99 to $21.99.

If you are not quite into headbands and may be looking for different looks, McKanstry also designs and sells other Mardi Gras-themed accessories including hair clips, mini top hats and other custom hair accessories.

So, to avoid looking just like everyone else this Mardi Gras season and to stand out in the crowd so your friends can find you among the thousands of people out celebrating, try wearing an ornate Mardi Gras-themed headband.


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