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Street Style: 6.25

By Mickey Hightower

Candra-Eloise Burges is one of the top stylists in Louisiana. She has brought her taste and talents to movie sets, charity fashion shows, and television segments throughout Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Not only was she the original fashion correspondent for WBRZ News 2 Louisiana, but she also runs the very popular fashion and beauty blog, Poshactivity.

1. How do you describe your style?

My style is classic, chic, and glamourous. I’m obsessed with Old Hollywood, so I add touches of glamour to my modern wardrobe. Flats are definitely my friend when I’m styling, it’s fabulous but its hard work!

2. Where do you shop?

Rodeo is great, the girls are always so friendly and helpful there. I also love NK for the selection of designer goodies. Aristocracy too, they’re starting to carry some really cool and select women’s pieces.

3. What is your favorite thing in your closet?

I absolute love this crystal brooch that I have which belonged to my grandmother. It’s at least 80 years old, it’s just this old beautiful piece. I also love my Marc Jacobs clutch, it’s a modern classic.

4. Do you have any advice from someone who wants to become a stylist?

Stop following trends. Do your research, really study fashion, know your client, and dress them for what works for their body. Trends fade, and clients will always come back to stylists that make them feel comfortable while looking great.

Outfit Breakdown

Dress – Forever 21 $16

Sandals – Forever 21 $8

Jewelry – Rue 21 $30

Derek Haigler has a fashion past. Although he now works for Lamar Advertising, he ran with the fashionable crowd at LSU, taking many TAM class during his time there. An HR professional now, he’s still in touch with his fashion roots, keeping his classic style cool with great accessories and eye-catching colors.

1. How do you describe your style?

My style is pretty classic, with a preppy twist. I like clean and structured looks combined with a pop of color or a cool print or pattern.

2. What is your favorite men’s fashion trend for summer?

I like that higher inseams for shorts are coming back into fashion for men.

3. Where do you shop in Baton Rouge?

I love J. Crew and Urban Outfitters. I also shop online with ASOS and H&M. ASOS has so many styles and brands to choose from when you just feel like browsing.

4. Who has style that you admire?

Darren Criss’ character on the show Glee, Blaine, has great style. He has that “prepster with a twist” look down, and his clothes are tailored perfectly.

Outfit Breakdown:

Hat-Levi $30

Shirt-ASOS $40

Glasses- YSL $275

Shorts- Urban $40

Shoes-Urban $70

Bag- Fossil $188

Fashion Chatter with Mickey:

As a stylist, Candra works with many local boutiques and reminds us that it’s always great to support these businesses. The wonderful thing about shopping local is that you not only support the growing fashion industry in Louisiana, but you also can build a totally unique closet that fits your style, not what’s trending at big retail chains. Explore the boutique scene and see what local buyers and owners have to offer. You just may find something you love!


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