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By Tiffany Baptiste

It is November, and we’re deep into football season. And with the way the Tigers are heading, they will soon be heading into Bowl Season and hopefully the National Championship in January.

With Bowl Season and the College Football Playoffs, we will soon be tailgating and watching the games in cooler weather. Stores are beginning to put out their new fall and winter collections, so this is the best time to start shopping for your cooler LSU gear such as sweaters and jackets. And let’s face it, while it may be convenient to borrow your dad or brother’s oversized LSU jacket from time to time, you want something for you that fits your style. Here are some essential pieces that should get you through to the championship game.



A sweater will always be a great fall and winter staple. It is great to wear as a warm top or outerwear if you decide to layer. Layering is great because you don’t have to worry about ever being too hot or cold, and you don’t want to have to worry about keeping track of it when you get too hot inside of the stadium. Your best bet is to get a thick sweater with an oversize fit. With the oversized fit, you can add a tank underneath to add warmth without feeling like an unshorn sheep and be able to cheer and dance with ease and comfort.


Faux Leather Pants

Faux leather pants can add a bit of an edge to the casual, laid-back sweater. It can also add a sense of structure to the outfit, keeping it from looking like you just fell out of bed or like you just weren’t feeling it today. Skinny faux leather pants are also great because they allow for you to add a pair of boots or booties over them with ease. By adding the boots with skinny pants, you can close off one more opening in your outfit that can allow cold air to get under your clothes.



Let’s face it, even when you are not tailgating or going to a football game boots are a must have for the colder months. It’s cold, and it tends to rain more and when it’s cold and raining, a simple pair of flats just won’t do. Boots will keep water and mud from getting into your shoes, and if they are leather, mud, dirt and water will be easy to wipe or clean off. Boots will almost guarantee that your feet and, depending on your style of boot, your ankles to your thighs will be warm too.



Lastly, to complete your warm outfit, you will need a hat. Even at my age, my mother still makes sure I don’t go out into the cold without a hat. “Most of your body heat escapes from the head,” she says.

For the longest I didn’t believe her but if you watch a cold football game, you can see the heat coming from a football player’s head when he takes his helmet off. But I digress.

Your style of hat can choose the look and feel of your overall outfit. A floppy hat or oversized wool fedora can give you a Boho feel with the added benefit of giving you some extra shade from the sun. You can also go for the classic beanie that is simple with the added benefit of being able to cover your ears to keep them warm. For a fun tomboy look, you can also finish off your outfit with a snapback baseball cap.


Enjoying a football game in the cold doesn’t have to be boring, and neither does your outfit. Hurry up and catch the new stock before the holidays come. If you don’t, you may be stuck wearing your dad or brother’s oversized sweatshirt or jacket again.


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