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By Mickey Hightower

Cary Williams is the total package: brains, beauty, and brilliant style. This Ivy Leaguer, with Louisiana roots, rocks her understated wardrobe with sophisticated flair. A fan of clean lines and polished looks, she’s not afraid to elevate her outfits with bold pops of color and a slew of delicately feminine accessories.


1. How do you describe your style?

You can definitely tell I grew up in the northeast. My style is classic New England, lots of black, grey, and neutrals. I do like to branch out with color and statement pieces from time to time.


2. What is your favorite piece in your closet?

My black cashmere blazer, because it’s so comfy but can polish any look and add a professional flair.


3. What is your least favorite thing to see on a guy?

I hate basketball shorts when they’re uncalled for. It just looks sloppy.


4. Where do you shop?

My go-to is Bloomingdale’s, they carry lots of designers I like at good prices.

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress – Bloomingdale’s $50
Sandals – Frye $60
Handbag – Marc Jacobs $200
Watch – Burberry $500

Christine Hamilton is a style chameleon. From stylist to blogger to artist to visual merchandiser, there’s no fashion field she is unable to adapt to through her skills and natural savvy. Sometimes classic, sometimes eclectic, spotted in thrifted treasures and bold patterns, Christine is one to watch.


1. How do you describe your style?

I would say my style is very classic. I like clean lines and tailored fits, but I also enjoy throwing in fun patterns and a pop of color here or there.


2. Where do you shop?

I mostly thrift. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, indeed. Goodwill is my sanctuary. I also enjoy vintage shopping. Revival Outpost and Funky Monkey in New Orleans always have great pieces.


3. What trends do you predict for women and men this fall?

Fall is my absolute favorite season for fashion. For women, I’m looking forward to more androgynous styles: suiting tailored to a woman’s physique. For men, I’m a fan of the military look: cargo jackets, pants, & parkas.


4. How did you get into style blogging?

Honestly, I fell into it. I’ve always taken pictures of what I wear each day, before I even knew it was a popular form of blogging. I decided I wanted to develop a website that represents my creative personal style and also inspire others to learn how to style themselves using inexpensive pieces. I enjoy what I do and love to share what I know with others.

Outfit Breakdown:
Outfit – ¥en Gang $25
Necklace – Stein Mart $10
Shoes – Goodwill $5


Fashion Chatter with Mickey:

Christine mentions taking pictures of her outfits every day, and it reminds me of the scene in Clueless where Cher says she always takes pictures in her outfits because she doesn’t trust mirrors. It actually a great idea to get a perspective on your outfit, how you look from certain angles, and general style. Selfies are so common place now, snapping off a few outfit shots is totally normal…even in public. You don’t have to start blogging, but cataloging your personal style can be a fun project.


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