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Sugar, Spice, and All Things Nice

There is nothing better than listening to a love story, cupcake in hand. We aren’t talking about just any cupcake either; a lite fruity guava cupcake with rich cream cheese frosting. We are at Tiffi’s Bakery on Jefferson Highway, a hidden gem that has rocked yelp reviews since opening 4 months ago, learning the perfect recipe for love and frosting.

Tiffi’s is the brainchild of Stephany Quintero (Tiffi is her nickname), from Venezuela, and her beau Kelsey New, who is a Clinton native. A disabled veteran, Kelsey, returned to Baton Rouge to pursue cooking after the service. One day, Stephany was his Uber driver and “picked him up.” They have been inseparable since, with Kelsey now serving as number one fan and tester.

How did Stephany discover her passion for baking? She was on the way to being an accountant (her dad, brother, and pretty much everyone else in her family are accountants) when she fell ill and had to have pancreatic surgery. While recovering, she became obsessed with baking shows on TV.

“When I felt better, I started baking anything and everything I could. Baking doesn’t feel like work to me,” said Stephanie. “I knew then I wanted to open my own little place.”

Kelsey supportively added, “Even though having a bakery means long hours and weekends (Stephanie works 14 hr. days 6 days a week), when you love each other, it just doesn’t matter. You are a team and I am so proud of her.”

This gave us all the feels.

Right now they are debuting their range of fall flavored cupcakes. Louisiana pecan praline, graveyard cookies and cream, and pumpkin patch will be on offer throughout the season. They are decorated beautifully and are an absolute bargain at $3.00 each. You can see the love and time put into the decoration of each one. They then bring us a sampling of every cake base and every topping they have.

All the expected icings were there: cream cheese, chocolate, lemon, strawberry along with some exciting surprises, like the guava I mentioned and a caramel that complements their fabulous dulce de leche cupcake (which they offer every day). Not every flavor combo is offered daily (other than the fall flavors) so check out their Facebook page or call to see what is fresh out of the oven. They also do specialty orders and wedding cakes.

“If you have a vision of something you would like, let me know,” said Stephanie. “I love getting creative with decorations and flavor.”

We are so stuffed by this point but have to make room for the item customers are raving about online: the ooegy gooey. It looks like its name and tastes like a chess pie but even more gooey (if that is possible)? It is rich and delicious and comes in regular and peanut butter for $3.99; a bargain. Ultimately, we walk out high on love and sugar and what could be better than that?

Tiffi’s Bakery is located at 9618 Jefferson Hwy. It is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.- 7 p.m, Saturday from 9 a.m.–7 p.m., and Sunday by appointment.

Photos by Minh Kiet


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