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If you live in Baton Rouge (really the South), you are forced to have an opinion on football. The subject might even rival the usual small chat topic of the weather. We all know the fanatics who live and breathe college football. And, of course, we all have that one friend who refuses to admit they low key like it, but complain about the aforementioned online board commenter.

For me, I skew more towards loving college football, yet I can count on my hand how many years I’ve tailgated. I’ll disappoint you now; it’s one. I’ve always had the opportunity to work at the games versus truly enjoying it. This year, I’m going to take my enjoyment to an entirely new level—fantasy football. I’ve played twice before, accidentally winning once by auto-selecting the best NFL players. It wasn’t until recently I learned you can participate in fantasy football for college sports.

What is fantasy football?

For most of us, you’ve known about this phenomenon for years, whether you’ve taken part or you have a friend who’s more than obsessed. Simply put, fantasy football is all about numbers. You track the probability of a player and a team’s success on a weekly basis. Participants log in to their league (a mix of friends and/or strangers also getting into the invented action) and select a roster of players who they believe will perform the best that week. During the weekend, you end up attentively watching every game imaginable to monitor how well your players are doing. As they rack up points and moves in their games, so will your grab bag team.

Where can you play?

It’s easier to play fantasy for NFL as there are more platforms in which you can play. Also, though college football has better story lines, following the NFL is more dependable and consistent than college. The best places to start your college fantasy football journey is either through ESPN or on Yahoo!.

From what I understand from friends and some experience, you have to be incredibly intentional with fantasy. Floaters get lucky with an auto draft every so often, but like with most things in life, you have to be committed if you want to see success. Also of note, it might be too late for you to join the college football fantasy train by the time you read this, but I encourage you to support the fan you might be in a relationship with. Get in on the action however you can and just embrace the culture that is football.

Illustration by Gavin Michelli


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