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By Pat Gunther

Local act Moon Honey will grace the Chelsea’s Café stage for a night of warm Southern tunes on March 12.  After being included in NPR’s 100 picks for SXSW, the duo of Jessica Ramsey and Andrew Martin have been continuously crafting their psychedelic and soulful sound that the New York Times calls “whirlwind virtuosity.”

“I grew up in Baton Rouge,” front woman Jessica Ramsey said. “It’s a second home to us. We are looking forward to reconnecting with the Louisiana culture we love so much, as well as reuniting with family, friends, and the incredibly supportive music scene.”

With such a deep-rooted history in the Red Stick, it’s no surprise that Ramsey and co. frequent the fledgling music scene across the staples of BR’s music venues. With their fair share of time in dive bars, huge music halls and everything in between, Moon Honey knows exactly where they fit in best.

“We chose Chelsea’s because the vibes are on point,” Ramsey offered up,  “it’s a social scene that we love to frequent, and the owner, Dave Remmetter, has always been a pleasure to work with, treating us with fairness and respect. We really appreciate that in a venue!” Despite the lack of size to accommodate a huge crowd, Moon Honey will surely have the place rocking on Thursday night.

“I do think that ‘Moon Honey,’ is an accurate adjective for our vision,” Ramsey said.  Like astronaut bees, Moon Honey crafts “a mystical, extraterrestrial food full of wonder and mystery we work endlessly to produce.” Despite the fact that the group has received well-deserved recognition from major outlets like NPR and The New York Times, they continue to grind day in and day out to make enjoyable and authentic art they can get behind.

“It could be argued there is more purity in art produced in a community isolated from the pop music business of larger cities, but the desire for fame is everywhere thanks to television, magazines and the internet,” Ramsey expressed. “If your music does become popular, I think it would be wise to keep your nose to the grindstone and ignore the fame farce if you don’t want to be on next month’s Celebrity Rehab.”

So, with their head facing forward and a promising 2013 LP, Hand-Painted Dream Photographs, already under their belt, Moon Honey will surely deliver a mixture of something experimental and new and the left-field classics fans have come to known. “Emotion can be captured in studio recordings, but at that moment is a lonely victory,” Ramsey claimed. “A crowd’s energy can make you feel fulfilled. It’s like making a batch of cookies and sharing them instead of hoarding them under your bed for yourself. Making them was fun, but sharing and watching others enjoy them is so much better.”


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