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Fun desserts to please every palette

In Southern Louisiana, we are no stranger to desserts. King cake, pralines, and bread pudding are staples in these parts. But what else do we have to offer? Plenty. From traditional ethnic options to unique spins on classic sweets, Baton Rouge is serving up amazing treats across the city. This summer we’ve created a sort of dessert bucket list challenge. Try them all and let us know your favorite!

Gourmet popsicles
Rock N’ Pops  |  Perkins Rowe

What’s better than fresh frozen popsicles on a hot summer day? Gourmet popsicles customized with your choice of toppings—that’s what. Rock N’ Pops in Perkins Rowe offers a large variety of cream and fruit-based popsicles to start with. Once you’ve picked your favorite, you then build your own creation adding toppings such as candy, pecans, chocolate drizzle, and even chopped bacon. Not only are these treats beautiful, they’re also delicious, and just what we need to combat a Louisiana summer.

Snowball Shake
SnoMan Snowballs  |  3 Locations

We all love snowballs. We all love milkshakes. So what happens when you combine the two? Head over to SnoMan Snowballs to find out. They’re offering Snowball Shakes custom made with any flavor snowball you’d like. The icy mix of the flavored syrup, our favorite shaved ice, and ice cream combine to make an amazing treat that is sure to help keep you cool in the summer heat. How do you go at it? Spoon or straw? Do your research!

K Street Candy Bar
Kalurah Street Grill  |  2857 Perkins Rd

A chocolate and peanut butter mousse with walnuts, rice crispy crust and toasted nougat, make this dessert a chocolate lover’s dream. It even comes with a scoop of chocolate gelato; the best compliment to the candy bar. We all know Kalurah Street Grill delivers amazing food, but this sweet treat elevates your experience even more. We suggest pairing it with a nice dry red wine if you’re up for the challenge.

Cajun Donuts
Willie’s Restaurant and Bar  |  11260 Coursey Blvd

With spins on traditional Louisiana dishes, it comes as no surprise that Willie’s would come up with a new concept for dessert. These Cajun Donuts are exactly what they sound like. The “Cajun” comes from the fried bread roll resembling a pistolette. The “donut” is represented in a white chocolate icing-like glaze. The dough is light and airy and a great counterpart to the sweet glaze. The whole thing is sprinkled with cinnamon for a beautiful and tasty finish.

Pistachio Kulfi
India’s Restaurant  |  5230 Essen Ln

Maybe when you’re craving Indian food, you’re not thinking about sweets. This traditional Indian ice cream will have you reconsidering saving dessert for last. Available in pistachio or mango and served on a chilled dish, kulfi is a sweet, dense and creamy cousin to ice cream with a bit more depth of flavor. It provides the familiar notes of Indian food in a dessert that will have you coming back for more.

Delícia  |  www.delicia.international

This delicious Brazilian dessert is usually made of condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and a decorative finish on the outside layer. Each bite is a surprisingly rich and decadent adventure with flavors such as coconut, milk chocolate, crème brûlée and Oreo—to name a few. There is even a gluten-free option available, so there’s no excuse to feel left out of this amazing treat. Delícia offers individuals or 4-packs of these amazing bite-size desserts, so you can indulge as much or as little as you want. Photo courtesy of Delícia.

Tartufo Cake
Gino’s Italian Restaurant  |  4542 Bennington Ave

Gino’s is a historical icon for Italian dining in Baton Rouge. And maybe after you’ve finished your favorite dish, you can’t even think about dessert. We’re telling you to reconsider. The tartufo cake at Gino’s is a decadent treat not to be ignored. It’s base is chocolate cake with a layer of white mousse, then dark chocolate mousse, and topped with ganache icing. This dessert is rich and sweet, and a perfect end to your deliciously authentic meal.

Ice Cream Sandwiches
The Overpass Merchant  |  2904 Perkins Rd.

While ice cream sandwiches conjure memories of childhood, these versions are anything but kids play. Fresh homemade ice cream sits between warm homemade cookies, creating a perfect dessert. You can choose from several flavors of ice cream and even pick two different cookies for your sandwich, making it completely customizable. The only other decision is: to share or not to share?

Photos by Sean Gasser and Season Vining


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