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Tailgate of the Week: Big Daddy’s Tailgate

You can’t miss Big Daddy – or his tailgate. Jaime San Andres, a St. James parish native, is a massive, muscular presence with an even bigger personality. Every week he teams up with Fred Beam and several others to throw one of the biggest tailgates around, with hundreds of attendees and an open bar. One glance at the photos at the bottom of the page tells you only a small part of how cool this gathering is. San Andres details the tailgate below.

Name of tailgate: Big Daddy’s Tailgate

Number of tailgaters: “50 to 60 pass through there during a regular game,” said San Andres. “On the big games, when Alabama and Ole Miss and Florida come to town, we get 100 to 150 people through there. It’s an open bar. No charge. They’re coming to get their beer.”

Food of choice: “Every week is a different menu. When we played New Mexico State, we had Mexican: fajitas and that kinda stuff. Every week, we do 20 pounds of jambalaya, 20 pounds of pastalaya. Everybody brings something, a trey of something – sandwiches, chicken wings, meatballs, sausage. Everybody does help out.”

Drink of choice: “Jungle Juice. The daiquiri machine usually has Jungle Juice.” Location: “Touchdown Village 1, Spots 24-25”

What sets your tailgate apart? “It’s gotta be the bar that makes it stick out. Everybody’s got a daiquiri machine or TV, but we’ve got the bar stools and the bar and a 72-inch TV connected to the satellite. I don’t know if any other jackass would bring a 72-inch out to parking lot. I guess I’m the only jackass.”

Quotable: “I cry when I set this shit up and I cry when I take it down. We set up Friday night at 6 or 7 and tear down Sunday. I don’t fish. I don’t hunt. I like to party. I’m not going let nobody outdo my party.”


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