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Take the plunge, get pierced.

A first hand experience of getting pierced at Deja vu Tattoo and Piercings.

Walking into Déjà vu, I had a knot in the pit of my stomach; whether it was from the excitement of what I was about to do or the nerves­–I’m not sure. I decided when I was about 12 years old that I wanted to get my nose pierced and the day had finally come. I worked up the courage with a little help from the shop’s piercer, Red, and was ready to go.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how different their shop was from other tattoo/piercing places I had been to before. Having 3 tattoos I was accustomed to walking into shops and only seeing art framed on the walls and tables tucked away into side rooms. When walking into Déjà vu, there is a tattoo station to your left but your attention is immediately drawn to the display of jewelry that is front and center. It’s contents sparkle making it impossible for you to not take a look and believe me, there is plenty to see.

Red asked me what I wanted and I decided two piercings on the same side of my nose was the look I was going for. Making the decision was the first step and I was surprised at how much information would come afterwards regarding the material that was about to be put in my nose, what to expect from the piercing itself, and the healing process that was involved.

At Déjà vu, their jewelry is made only from certified implant grade materials like Titanium or Solid Gold, among others, meaning they do not use “surgical steel” like what is offered at most tattoo and piercing shops. This was really important to me because my ear piercings are really sensitive to materials like stainless steel or other fake metals used in cheap jewelry, so with this information I was more comfortable putting a piercing in my face knowing it would not get infected or sore after having the jewelry put in. I perused through their expansive collection of studs and hoops to find the perfect fit and I chose two white opal studs with golden Titanium settings. I couldn’t wait to see what they would look like.

Once my jewelry was chosen, we waited for it to be sterilized and Red explained to me what the procedure would be like for my piercing in full detail. Since I was so nervous I wanted to know just what to expect and he made me feel extremely comfortable, not only with him having to stick his fingers in my nose but with the knowledge of what was coming next when it came down to the piercing itself. I sat in the chair as he marked my nose with a pen to get the placement of the piercings just right on my face. Piercings typically don’t take too long, but when getting two the process takes longer to get the markings where they need to be and make them just right–a process I was happy to sit through in order to not have crooked piercings. After getting them squared away, it was time for the needles.

The knot that was in my stomach had grown and I was so nervous I had to sit on my hands. Red, graciously talked me down and while taking deep breaths, I closed my eyes and he pierced my nose while I exhaled. I can honestly say it was not as bad as I thought it would be. There was a slight pinch and some discomfort of the jewelry being put in, but it only lasted a few seconds and I HAD DONE IT. My nose was pierced. My eyes watered in response to the discomfort, but I really thought it would be a lot worse. Now it was time for the second one.

With my new found confidence I sat ready for the second piercing, I inhaled, I exhaled and boy was I surprised when the needle went through my nose. Red tried preparing me beforehand, getting two piercings would be more painful due to the blood rushing to the area and it swelling after being pierced, but let me tell you–it hurt. Thankfully in a few seconds the jewelry was in and it was all over, but if the first piercing had been that painful I can guarantee I wouldn’t have gotten the second.

The experience that I had at Déjà vu getting my first facial piercing was something that I will never forget, I left knowing more about piercings than I ever thought there was to know and I was so grateful. Having that knowledge gave me the comfort and confidence that it was done thoughtfully, properly, and nothing bad would happen to it as long as I took care of it the way they told me to (STOP TOUCHING IT!). To anyone that has ever wanted a piercing and has been too afraid to try it, I highly recommend going in to Déjà vu and talking to their piercers and tattoo artists. Like Red, everyone is highly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and their excitement just might entice you enough to finally take the plunge and get pierced. To check out their shop and see what they are up to visit their Instagram @dejavutattooandpiercing or head over to their website dejavutattoo.org.

Photos by Blair Thompson


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