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Talkin’ Tigers: Catching up with Bryce Jordan, half of LSU Baseball’s sophomore twins

Identical twin sophomores Beau and Bryce Jordan have come into their own for the LSU baseball team this season and look to continue their solid play as the Tigers dive into Southeastern Conference play. After a stellar high school career that saw the duo lead Barbe to state titles in 2012 and 2014, the Jordan twins saw limited playing time during their freshman season on a veteran-laden team and had just 16 combined RBIs. This season the twins are making an impact for Tigers both at the plate and in the field.

The brothers have been through a lot including a trip to the little league World Series and stellar high school careers. With a year of college baseball experience, they now have a chance to be a part of something special together at the next level with LSU. DIG caught up with Bryce Jordan, who talked to us about the special bond he has with his brother, the Little League World Series and more in this edition of Talkin’ Tigers.


DIG: With a year of experience under your belt as a sophomore, how much more comfortable do you feel compared to your freshman year?

Bryce Jordan: I feel I’ve definitely improved since getting here. I got to learn from the guys on the team last year. We were a veteran team. Traveling with them and watching how they handled themselves really helped me prepare myself for this year.

DIG: When did you and your brother pick up this sport? When did you realize you guys could one day play college baseball?

BJ: I think we both picked baseball up at about the same time. We’ve played together since we were really young. We played tee ball when we were kids, and our dad was the coach. He encouraged us to play, and we’ve always enjoyed it. We’ve been playing about 18 years now. My freshman year was when I realized I could have a future (in baseball), and I’ve always known Beau could too. Playing in the state of Louisiana poses some great competition. My freshman year, we really stood out, so we knew we could do something special in college. We just went out and played in big tournaments and eventually got recruited by LSU.

DIG: Have you guys ever played against each other?

BJ: No. We’ve never played against each other. We’ve always been on the same team. It would be weird because we would be on the field at different times. I love playing with my brother, and I can’t see myself not playing with him. It’s just a better competitive advantage.

DIG: Have you and Beau ever impersonated each other to mess with teammates?

BJ: Unfortunately, teammates pick us up pretty fast, just because they spend so much time around us. Once you get to be around us a lot, you kind of figure it out.

DIG: How did you guys push each other growing up?

BJ: We were always there for each other. We’ve always pushed each other. We’ve always known what we were capable of, and nobody knows each other like me and Beau do. We look to each other for constructive criticism all the time.

DIG: What’s your most memorable hit on any level?

BJ: I hit a home run in the Little League World Series. That was a very memorable hit. It stands out the most.

DIG: LSU fans have been trying to come up with a nickname for the combination of you and your brother. I’ve heard “Pair Jordan.” Have you guys heard one you like?

BJ: (Laughing) No. I haven’t heard about any nicknames. Whatever they have, I’d like to hear them. I’m just going to come out here and play the game and let everybody else worry about that. That’s funny though.

DIG: Do you have any type of pregame rituals, superstitions or routines?

BJ: The night before a game, I always go to the gas station and get a yellow Gatorade. I get some nut and chocolate trail mix, and I get some honey mustard Snyder pretzels. I eat it the night before the game. It’s just kind of a habit, not really a superstitious thing.

Photo courtesy of LSU Sports Information.


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