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Talkin’ Tigers: Tre’Davious White

By Alex Asaro

LSU junior cornerback Tre’Davious White made an immediate impact on the football team his freshman year and has been a great representation of the DBU Legacy by wearing the No. 18 jersey for the LSU football team this season.

With two games left in the 2015 regular season, DIG caught up with White to pick his brain about postseason awards, playing quarterback in high school and his favorite NBA team.

DIG: It’s a big responsibility, but how has it been to wear No. 18 on the field for the Tigers so far this season?

White: I sort of took the same approach since I got here: try to be a reliable and trustworthy guy that the team and coaches can rely on. I’m just taking the same approach to the point of what got me here.

DIG: Have any former players who have worn No. 18 reached out to you?

White: Definitely, when it was first announced I got a lot of love from the guys who wore No. 18 in the previous years, so it was a big deal. Every day is a blessing and I try to wear it the best I can.

DIG: Being a leader on this football team, what do you say or do to help younger players, especially in the secondary?

White: The young guys we have are so talented, and I just want to get in their ear and try to teach them the best I can. Just like the guys who did it for me the first time I got here. I’m doing the same thing that the guys who came before me did. I just try to teach them to limit the mistakes that I know happened to me in the past. I tell them what they need to do to be successful on and off the field, and those guys are doing a great job listening to coaching and are willing to learn.

DIG: What are your feelings on being on the semi-finalist list for candidates of the Jim Thorp Award?

White: It’s a big deal. I try to take it in stride and really want to focus on winning in games. Coach Miles always tells us that with team success comes individual reward. So if it comes, it comes, but I would rather win than get any kind of individual accolade. I’m just trying to win for the team.

DIG: Is there anything you do in preparation for a game in terms of superstitions or rituals?

White: I just listen to my music. I’m not big on getting too amped up before the game. I try to slow it down. It gets my mind off football for a bit as I try to relax. That’s the kind of route I take.

DIG: I know you played quarterback for your high school at Green Oaks. Do you ever miss being on the offensive side of the ball?

White: Being a competitor you want the ball in your hand, you want to make a difference for the team and show the people what you can do. But being a defensive back, I wouldn’t trade that for anything. The standard and tradition we have here for being a great defensive back group. It’s a good deal I have going on here.

DIG: Does having this experience at playing quarterback help you when it comes to trying to read the opposing offense?

White: I definitely use that. I can kind of read routes to put myself in the best position possible. It’s definitely an upper hand that I have from playing quarterback in high school.

DIG: Along with football, I know you were pretty good at basketball in high school. You ever get the chance to shoot some hoops these days?

White: Basketball was the actually the route I wanted to take. I didn’t play football until 8th grade and then I became serious about it my junior year when I started playing quarterback. During the springtime I’m always in the REC with the other guys and am very competitive when it comes to it and like to win. But you know, I love basketball and do wish I could be playing it right now.

DIG: What’s your favorite NBA team?

White: I’ve been a Lakers fan all my life. I’m a die-hard Laker fan. Kobe [Bryant] is on his last leg right now. I’ve been joking with the fellas about it, and if Kobe retires I’m going to retire from watching. Kobe is my favorite player, and I feel like he is one of the best to do it. I’ve been watching him since the 1999 championship, and its kind of something I ended up watching with my dad. It was his favorite player and since then Kobe’s been my favorite player. The Lakers are having a tough start to the season, but I have a feeling we’re going to turn it around.

DIG: With LSU basketball starting up, what’s your outlook for the team going into the season?

White: Tim Quarterman and me are pretty tight, and he’s a great player. With the freshman that they have, I think that they can make a run at it. On paper they’re looking good but we’ll see on the court if they can take it all the way.






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