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That’s My Jam!

By Emily Fruge 

Jordan Belfort. “YAAAASSSS” – quote every Greek girl when this song plays. Wes Walker and Dyl, the artists, have relished the popularity of this song, as they have performed it in many places, including Tigerland.

My Way. SQUAAAA! Fetty Wap, one of the newest and most popular rappers of 2015, came together with Drake to create one of the hottest tracks. But first off Imma start by sayin’ this, Greeks LOVE this song, as their playlists show.

679FettyWap once again makes it to the top of the charts with “679” Sorority girls request this song at every party and love attempting to accurately sing it.

A Thousand Miles. On the album, “Be Not Nobody,” Vanessa Carlton released one of the most known songs of all time, “A Thousand Miles.” Of course this classic can’t go unnoticed due to the fact that all sorority girls know every word to this song. Its lip-syncing was perfected by Terry Crews in “White Chicks,” and this song will forever reserve a place on every Greek girl’s playlist.

What Do You Mean? I mean… one of Justin Bieber’s most popular songs of 2015 making its way to the top of playlists in the Greek world. With its catchiness and the heavenly voice of the Biebs, this song from the album, “Purpose,” has made its way to the top of many playlists in the Greek world.

Hotline Bling. I know that can only mean one thing: On the playlist it goes. This overly simplistic, yet surprisingly catchy song makes its way to the top of popular music charts as well as sorority girls’ playlists.

Hello. After thirty seconds of listening to Adele’s song, “Hello,” on her newest album, “25, severe depression hits and you want to cry. Despite its melancholy notion, this song has surpassed the popularity of a normal hit by satisfying not only Greek college girls, but many others. In fact, men and women of every age group have taken a liking to the downhearted lyrics of Adele. So go Adele for your beautifully, yet heartbreaking lyrics; you have successfully made your way onto playlists everywhere.

The Hills. The Weeknd never fails to impress me, along with many others. “The Hills,” on his newest album, “Beauty Behind the Madness, is a uniquely put together track that many play on a loop, especially with Greeks.

Here. Alessia Cara made an ultimate breakthrough in the music world with this new hit on her album, “Know-It-All.” It has been one of the most requested songs on many radio stations, and is appearing on every Greek girl’s playlist.

Stitches. Shawn Mendes has become the new boy tweens are aweing over. This catchy song on his album, “Handwritten, is sung along by all who hear it and has become a highly requested song on many radio stations.

Jumpman. Drake and Future together have made it to the top of the charts with “Jumpman.” Played at the clubs, house parties, and radio stations, sorority girls love it! It’s on album, “What a Time To Be Alive,” and has become one of the most popular songs of 2015!

White Iverson. Written entirely about basketball, Post Malone successfully produced a unique, catchy, extremely popular hit. Greek girls were quick to add this to their list of songs on their playlists.


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