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By Chase Berenson

When Baton Rouge residents are looking to get the gear needed to fuel their outdoor adventures, they know that The Backpacker is the best local spot to visit. With over forty years of experience selling outdoor equipment in our city, The Backpacker knows exactly what the local market needs and is looking for.

Tyler Hicks, the General Manager of The Backpacker, got his start in the Boy Scouts during his youth and worked his way up to Eagle Scout. His scouting background has equipped him as perfect person to lead Baton Rouge’s charge into the outdoors.

In his free time nowadays Hicks can most often be found pedaling around University Lake with his young son on the back seat of his tandem bicycle.

Before his son was born, Hicks split his time between climbing and being on the water.

“There is water everywhere in South Louisiana, and there’s no reason to not be out enjoying it,” Hicks said. “Whether you’re looking for the quiet peacefulness down the bayou or the waves of the Gulf of Mexico, the fun is waiting to be had.”

Hicks also mentioned that, “Louisiana has pretty much every environment except for mountains,” and people who aren’t into watersports can still find plenty of opportunities for enjoying the outdoors around the state.

Tyler is recommends reaching out to organizations like the Louisiana Hiking Club or even looking up the BRLA Climbing Enthusiasts Facebook page.

No matter what your interest, there is probably a group of like-minded people who would love to welcome you and show you what you need to know to pursue your outdoor interests.

Of course, the employees at The Backpacker also can help point you in the right direction.

The Backpacker is more than just a store for purchasing the gear you need to get outdoors. It is a jumping off point to discover the world that exists out there.

The store regularly serves customers of every skill level, from expert to beginner, and the staff is always ready to set aside some time and introduce you to any outdoor activities you’re interested in.

Whether new to the area and looking for geographical advice, or new to the sport and looking for tips, The Backpacker is a go-to spot.

Tyler has also been extremely appreciative of both BREC and the Louisiana State Parks. In the past ten years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged many of Louisiana’s recreational facilities, both local park agencies have worked hard to ensure that Louisianans continue to be able to get outdoors.

With BREC improving the quality of our parks throughout the city, hopefully the Baton Rouge population will be even more encouraged to experience the great outdoors!


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