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The Bitter Lemon

By Holly A. Phillips @OrangeJulius7

“Naturally, we took shots of whiskey, before he leaned in and kissed me, right in front of everyone. It was quite sexy.”

There we were: kissing on a bench outside The Dungeon in the French Quarter. It’s the start of any classic love story, right?

I met my friend Brooks in high school, though we weren’t friends until I was nearly out of college.

Like most people our age, we reconnected through Facebook, and over the years our friendship turned slightly romantic.

Brooks is tall with blond hair, and carries himself with an air of coolness – he’s very “take it or leave it.” Luckily for him, I’ve got a soft spot for skater shoes and fitted jeans.

For work, he’s a freelance sound tech, which means he’s always on the road, setting up for tours.

Our visits match the tour schedule; I saw him two years ago when he was doing sound for Aerosmith, and they stopped in New Orleans for a night.

That night, we met up with some friends at the Maple Leaf to see a brass band. Naturally, we took shots of whiskey, before he leaned in and kissed me, right in front of everyone.

It was quite sexy, I’ll say.

I crashed at his hotel room, and when we awoke the next morning, he said hadn’t expected us to sleep together.

I was confused. We’d been flirting and talking for two years – let’s get it on, already!

We spent the day in bed, sexing, napping, and eventually eating massive poboys, because… New Orleans.

We kept talking after our romp, but he was never shy about telling me the dates he scored. I was beginning to feel like I should take a hint.

“Will you be around Monday night?” he texted me in October.

He was on tour with Pitbull, and the bus was stopping in New Orleans. I said I would meet him.

I pulled up to the Hyatt, and he was standing there, holding a coffee. He looked good.

Later, we met up with the tour crew for dinner and drinks, before ending up on that bench in front of the bar.

“When are we really going to give this a go?” he asked me.

I was shocked. I thought he was too cool for a relationship; maybe he just wanted sex.

“Given that we had sex once, it’s not just a sex thing,” he said.

It was one of those perfect nights, but bittersweet. My time with him is always fun. He’s sweet, and cool, but still a gentleman.

But no matter where I live, and no matter where he lives, our relationship would always be long distance since he’s constantly on the road.

And I don’t blame a guy who’s found something he’s great at, all while traveling and meeting cool people.

That night, as we wandered the streets, he held my hand.

“If you guys can never really be together, then what are you going to do?” his crewmember asked.

I looked at Brooks.

“I’m going to enjoy the time I have now,” he said.

Although I’m a planner and a dreamer, I know that sometimes, that’s the only thing you can do.

Just like before, we took a round of whiskey shots –neither time nor distance can change something good.

Read more about making out in public on Holly’s blog, TheBitterLemon.com.


Distance Decision

Pros & Cons of a Long Distance Relationship:

1. Seeing Each Other: Visits are fun, and often sexy. However, FaceTime can’t always cure the lonely nights.  

2. Alone Time: You won’t get smothered in a long distance relationship, as you’ll have alone time. But, then again, you’ll have plenty alone time.

3. Less Fuss: Skip a day of shaving, because your love is across the country. But of course, a little snuggle time would be nice.


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