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By Holly A. Phillips — @OrangeJulius7

Saying that fashion has a part in dating sounds really superficial, but it truly does.

When I think of fashion, I think of celebrities and red carpets, but the pieces on runways trickle down to the stores we know and love, right in Baton Rouge.

And when it comes time for that first date, or even the tenth date, what girl or guy isn’t staring into the closet wondering what they’re going to wear?

Ultimately, fashion is one of the ways we express ourselves without speaking. Aside from body language, the clothes and accessories we choose to wear say something about who we are — not to mention the fact that graphic tees are back.

As a creative, I can appreciate anyone who uses a medium to express themselves, including clothes.

But when it comes to guys, I love that effortlessly put together look — a nice pair of jeans, cool sneakers (ahem, Nike Killshots) a clean tee, and/or a sweatshirt.

Yeah, I am on that.

When it comes to more professional attire on men, I like nerd-inspired style. Think bowties, plaid, argyle, sweater vests, and loafers.

In fact, I like to wear clothes I classify as “Nerd-chic.”

I love to wear women’s clothing that’s inspired by men, such as the aforementioned, but add very feminine jewelry to it, or perhaps the piece itself has rhinestones or studs.

I guess you could say I’m easily attracted to all things shiny, and I’m well-aware that this could come across as tacky. It’s something I’ve accepted.

But, living in the South, there are not a lot of guys that sport the style I love.

Instead, it’s the frat uniform: khaki shorts, polo, Sperry’s. Yuck.

I know, it’s easy to wear what looks generally decent, and you don’t have to think about it, but come on.

When I see a guy in the fratastic outfit, I foresee dad-bod and a life that’s already planned.

I’ll pass.

On the flipside, who’s to say that my dream guy, stomping around town in his Killshots, will find my thick-rimmed glasses and suede loafers sexy?

I don’t think a couple needs to dress alike to work. It’s more about being able to appreciate the other person’s style.

There’s a show on TLC called, “Love at First Swipe,” which brings professional stylists to the aid of those who have over-the-top-fashion.

Contestants on the show haven’t had luck with dating, because they dress in a way that turns off others.

The stylists work with them to find a look that suits their personality, while still attracting potential partners.

In a way, I get it. I’ve definitely worn things that weren’t flattering, or perhaps didn’t show me in the right light.

But, what’s the fun in watering down someone’s style? We don’t want everyone to look the same.

When it comes to fashion and dating, the best advice I can give is to wear something that makes you feel confident. Let’s face it, nothing is sexier than someone who comes across so cool and collected — they own it.

Fratastic or not, rock it like it’s New York Fashion Week, even if it’s just a beer run.

Read more about fashionable dating on Holly’s blog, TheBitterLemon.com.


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