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The Bitter Lemon: Missed Connections

By Holly A. Phillips

“With limited information, I spent the following morning scouring the Internet for this guy, including checking Craigslist. I found nothing.”

I think I had my first “Missed Connection” last weekend.

Just writing that phrase makes me feel like I’m saying “missed period” or “runaway orgasm.”

In general, a missed connection refers to those sometimes-seedy posts on Craigslist. These online posts occur when a person feels like they met or saw someone special, and they are hoping to reach out to them through Craigslist.

In the past, I read them to get a laugh. But now I’m really feeling kind of sad about my faded opportunity.

If you meet someone awesome and then go your separate ways, what else are you supposed to do with the tiny bit of information you’ve got?

Here’s the scoop. I went to The Bulldog Sunday evening to watch football with some friends. We’d already been to Superior for brunch, Walk-Ons, and Lakeside.

We got out to the patio, and some of the guys in our group were making friends with a golden lab named Sammy.

His owner wasn’t far behind, and we quickly ushered him into our circle, buying him a shot and sharing a plate of loaded potato skins.

This guy was cute, no doubt (sure, I’d been drinking for hours, but still), kind, and the dog was nearly overkill.

The problem was, he was all the way across two tables, and the dudes in the group were chatting his ear off; they couldn’t believe we met someone “normal” for once.

We did exchange names (first names), and we caught eyes a few times, but that was the extent of it.

When he left, he shook my hand – a lingering handshake.

Part of me wanted to run into the parking lot, screaming, “No, wait!” But the drunk part of me, in heels, stayed seated.

I knew his name, his dog’s name, and his employer (a massive outdoor gear company).

With limited information, I spent the following morning scouring the Internet for this guy, including checking Craigslist.

I found nothing.

My options remain either: 1) Become a regular at The Bulldog or, 2) Suddenly find a need for a fishing pole, a cargo vest, or a kayak, and stalk him like a creeper at his work.

What’s keeping me from doing either of those things is the part of me that wonders…maybe there wasn’t anything there, for him.

I have already admitted that my imagination runs wild, and I was having drinks, so maybe I was just hoping he was interested.

He could have a girlfriend for all I know.

After all, if he was interested in me, wouldn’t he have said something right then and there? Or perhaps he’s been searching for me online, just like I have.

And all of this is the trouble with meeting new people – there are so many unanswered questions. Of course, that’s what makes it perfect and exciting, too.

But I do know that it’s pretty rare to meet someone, only exchanging a few words, and feel a spark.

I’ve always battled with making the first move. I don’t want to appear desperate, and I do think that if it’s meant to be, something will happen.

I just hate waiting.

But good things come to those who wait, right? I’m going to test my patience and see what comes of it – for once.

Taking a Chance 

Don’t Let a Connection Pass You By:

1. Weigh Options: What do you have to lose? If you just met the person, probably nothing.

2. Be Brave-:Approach the person, explain how awesome they are, and go for the gold.

3. Go Easy: If you get rejected, just play it off like it’s no big deal. At least you tried, and won’t have to wonder, “What if?”

Read more about the waiting game on Holly’s blog, TheBitterLemon.com. 


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