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Bellegarde Bakery: the bread of your dreams

There is nothing like fresh baked bread, and Bellegarde Bakery is making bread dreams come true in south Louisiana.

Bellegarde is the kind of place you thought didn’t exist anymore. They get heirloom, un-messed-with grains directly from farmers who have been preserving the quality of their product for generations. Bellegarde mills the grain themselves and bakes each loaf by hand, giving you the freshest bread around, made the way it was long ago.

Bellegarde’s commitment to preserving quality retains both the grain’s nutrients and flavor, meaning their bread is more delicious and more healthy. They even have customers with gluten sensitivities who enjoy their bread worry-free.

Bellegarde’s approach is best summed up by this motto: take your time, use what’s around you, and respect tradition.

The good news here is that you can now get Bellegarde’s goods in Baton Rouge! You can order their flours, cornmeal, and grits from their new online store or find their bread around town:

Where to buy the bread:
● Whole Foods: Friday
● Calandro’s Market: Friday
● Robert Fresh Market: Thursday- Sunday

Places serving products made with Bellegarde’s ingredients:
● Cocha
● French Truck Coffee
● Zorbas


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