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The DIG crew tries Patti Labelle’s new cakes

Remember when Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie rocked the internet and flew off shelves a few years back?

Walmart remembers. This year they’re adding Patti Labelle’s Fancy Cakes to their bakery section, hoping to spark the sugary magic again for the holidays. A representative from Walmart also came by the Dig offices this week with the new cakes for us to sample.

Food journalism can be such a burden sometimes.

The Cakes

This year’s cakes include four new recipes, though one of them is actually half-and-half carrot cake and red velvet cake. We tasted all but the black forest cake, which left us only a little sad. From Walmart:

Somebody Loves You Baby – Nothing says love like three layers of chocolate fudge!
New Attitude – Feel good from your hat to your shoe with this delicious caramel cake.
On My Own – You’ll never be alone if you’re serving this half carrot, half red velvet cake at your next soiree.
When You’ve Been Blessed – A Black Forest cake that tastes like heaven!

One word covers all four of the cakes we tried: rich. You get a sugar high just from standing near the caramel cake, and slicing into it was like breaking apart an ooey-gooey candy bar on a hot day.

We definitely felt loved by the chocolate cake. Moist yellow sponge with good layers of chocolate frosting, and the hard chocolate shavings on top gives it an extra texture that was quite nice.

Carrot cake and red velvet seem an odd pair, but the cake comes with a slice of cardboard dividing the two in order to keep the nuts and spices from clashing too much with the creamy, silky red velvet.

Everyone in the Dig offices threw their diets out the window for this assignment. Even the most modest slices produced sighs of delight and desires for a midday nap.

Some may go for coffee with their cake, but for something this thick you need a glass of ice-cold milk to cut through all that sugar.

Though we’d be tempted to replace breakfast with one of Patti’s Sweet Potato Pies, you definitely need a party full of people or holiday guests to tackle one of these decadent cakes.

Take it from Patti: it’s hard out there on your own.



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