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By Matt Starlight

If you’re taking a trip to Barcadia for a pint of their finest ale and to induce early onset carpal tunnel syndrome from one too many rounds of Tekken, we say go for it. They’ve certainly got the drink and game scene down pat, but it would be a shame if you weren’t to experience their prime burger menu at least once.

Barcadia actually originated as the Curbside Burger Truck that used to cruise the streets near campus and serve up hot burgers to drunk poolside kids until their untimely conclusion. Now, your withdrawals can finally be quenched as those same burgers are available at a brick and mortar location that doesn’t roll away if you show up too late; no more chasing it down the street like a nerd after the school bus.

The burger that we’d recommend is a simple, classic, most likely deadly burger called the K.G.B. If they named it that because of how likely it is to take you out back and kill you in the alley, we wouldn’t be surprised, but I would recommend taking that chance and giving this burger a go. It’s a tender beef patty on a warm bun served up with lettuce, sharp cheddar, praline bacon, and an over-easy egg. Be sure to get the patty medium or medium rare (because well-done is for chumps) so the juices are still flowing, but it should be plenty moist with the help of that egg.

It’s a cheesy, gooey, and absolutely delicious burger that’ll definitely leave you gasping for air, but hopefully in a good way.

Barcadia’s menu is impressive, whether you’ve given it the fighting chance it deserves or not. They’re burgers stand toe-to-toe with just about anyone else you can find in this city, all as a result of their dedication to quality ingredients and creative options. Next time you need a break from jumbo Connect 4 and Pacman, take a seat at their indoor picnic tables and do a little indulging with the K.G.B. burger.


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