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By Matt Starlight

Sometimes the classics are the classics for a reason.

When it comes to Italian pasta dishes, we’ve all been inundated with Stouffer’s easy cook lasagna for as long as we can remember, but don’t let memories of oven-popped cheesiness cloud your recollection of another Italian classic that surely graced the kitchens of every Sicilian descendent.

Bolognese has long been a staple of Italian cuisine, and it’s no surprise why. The simple dish is a hearty mix of seasonal ingredients likely already on hand, but prepared in a way that promotes hominess, comfort, and delicacy when the rest of the world is out looking for the next big thing. This time machine of a dish is a living homage to where many of us came from, so feeling so strongly about it is not only unsurprising, but would probably make some ancestors very proud. This meaty, pasta, and red sauce dish doesn’t get much better than the plate prepared at Nino’s.

Nino’s Fine Dining right here in Baton Rouge takes this simple dish and cooks it up just right. It’s got the old school flavor that lets you know it was prepared with effort and respect for the old ways. Take your time and make it right.

These dishes aren’t made to be quick and easy, easily discovered on Pinterest somewhere on Buzzfeed’s “10 simple meals for the on-the-go Mom!” No, this meal takes time. Effort. Patience. Don’t rush it, because then you get Chef Boyardee in a can.

As sick of the millennial-trashing culture as you may be, refusing to give old Italian cooking it’s props makes you part of the problem, so check out Nino’s bolognese for an idea of what cooking is supposed to taste like.


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