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By Matt Starlight

Strands Cafe opens their doors promptly at 7:30 each weekday morning for anyone lucky enough to cross it’s path on their daily commute. While they’ve got an extraordinary menu of coffee items that we’ve extensively reviewed already, what we haven’t touched on is their dessert menu, which features the tasty chocolate scone.

Whether you approach this delectable dish from the early morning hours or as an after dinner treat, it seems to work well either way. The chocolate scone from strands cafe is made of a British scone, which has a biscuit-like texture, along with a house-made icing also used on cinnamon rolls, chocolate chips, pecans, and powdered sugar. This biscuit meets beignet meets cookie is an amalgamation for the ages as all those pastries that have erratic time frames meet up and continue to confuse and delight your palate.

The rise of local coffee shops is nothing new to the Capital City; we’ve had a respectable cafe presence for some time and it’s nice to see that their menus are keeping pace with other coffee shops in their attempt to seduce customers away from corporate coffee chains. Local business is the lifeblood if a sustainable community, so even a commercialized community like downtown Baton Rouge deserves the charm of a local business or two. It gives a human, familiar touch to a neighborhood entrenched in parking meters and nationwide chains.

Next time you’re closing in on downtown Baton Rouge, stop by Strands Cafe and support local business and the delicious enjoyment of your favorite breakfast, dessert, coffee, or whatever meal you’re on.


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