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By Matt Starlight

Simple in appearance but intricate in flavor, butternut squash soup may be not be first choice for the typical college student on a beer and ramen diet, but adding a bit of refined, cultural grub to your daily intake never hurt.

With that in mind, the best place for this exotic bowl of tangy flavor is MJ’s Cafe on Old Jefferson Highway. This is a difficult dish whose ingredients can make it a trickier menu item, which is why it may be so tough to find in the first place. Throwing caution to the wind and going for butternut-colored gold, MJ’s will boldly go forward with a complex, yet simple menu item guaranteed to delight those brave enough to take the journey.

Squash itself is a strangely unique fruit that isn’t readily available year round, but does make a name for itself come fall time. The cooler weather lends itself to fruits of this nature both on the plate and the centerpiece.

What’s most likely is that you’ve never experienced butternut squash soup unless you’ve been given it as a child, so let MJ’s serve you up a hearty bowl because this is home cooking at it’s peak. It’s not a burger and fries or a steak or an omelette. This is a classic, old time dish whose very existence in the future is questionable unless we take up the mantle of old-world cooking and produce it for ourselves. These are precisely the kinds of dishes that deserve our attention specifically because we’ve never had it and will likely never stumble into it. Seek out the unknown, brace yourself for new experiences, and give the butternut squash soup from MJ’s Cafe your unbridled enthusiasm as you journey deeper into the treasured past.


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