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By Matt Starlight

For most people, Mediterranean food straddles the line between homegrown and exotic cuisine. It’s certainly not as American as your classic cheeseburger and Coke but isn’t quite as off the wall as what you’d find in an Asian restaurant. It may be that the Mediterranean countries played a large role in the formation of American cuisine in the first place, or it may just be that it’s so good that the strangeness of it is forgotten in the joy that comes with its consumption.

A prime location for this kind of grub, residing right here in Baton Rouge, is Zoroona Mediterranean Grill, where you’ll spot familiar items on the menu like hummus and baba ghanoush right next to some rarer options like Chicken or Gyro Sandwishee. What we decided to cover for the dish of the week is the ever popular Chicken Shawarma Platter.

A couple sides of your choice go nicely with your shawarma, which, for those who haven’t gotten to experience it firsthand (yet), is a garlicky take on the grilled meat served on pita bread. It’s not a flavor that’s completely unattainable in another form, but one that’s done best by authentic restaurants like this one.

With an unparalleled abundance of burrito and burger joints scattered across the city map with more frequency than ants on a picnic blanket, it’s nice to know that breaking the mold is in fact possible in Louisiana’s capital. Give the Chicken Shawarma Platter from Zoroona Mediterranean Grill a try when you’re ready to break the mold yourself.


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