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By Matt Starlight

Often considered a staple in the diet of the pathetic, middle-aged single dude who can’t take care of himself, the microwaveable dinner has earned a reputation as a lazy man’s meal. But, that all may change if Fresh Kitchen takes off the way it seems poised to.

With plenty of exotic, tasty sounding dishes like Teriyaki Salmon and Roasted Vegetable Curry, Fresh Kitchen provides a healthy alternative to the more sodium-laden dinners found in the grocery store’s frozen aisle.

One that caught our eye was the Bison Grain Bowl, a microwaveable combo of cooked bison, organic tri-color quinoa, purple rice, a trio of beans, green onions and cheddar cheese.

Even the small option at only $6.25 is filling. The bison chunks are large and juicy, and the additional beans keep hunger at bay while providing an exotic flavor. Gorgeous purple rice and quinoa make checking out the dish and the nutritional facts a treat, and melty cheese just brings the whole thing home.

At less than 25 percent of your daily recommended intakes for carbohydrates, fat and sodium, the Bison Grain Bowl is an affordable, tasty and healthy option from Fresh Kitchen.

Upending the notion that microwaveable meals can’t be any good is one thing, but meeting all three criteria for a good decision is something entirely different. Pick up a handful of these on your way home and consider your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier accomplished.


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