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Louisianans know good seafood when it’s presented to them. So, when Baton Rouge’s Drusilla Restaurant serves up some of its famous seafood, it’s no surprise Red Stick customers and critics alike often call it the Best Seafood in Baton Rouge.

A lofty reputation, sure, but one that Drusilla is more than capable of living up to. As participants in the upcoming Restaurant Week, we decided to feature their delicious Stuffed Flounder as the Dish of the Week.

Fresh flounder stuffed with crabmeat dressing and baked with lemon butter sauce, this delightful dinner option hits all the right notes on its own, but also comes with a baked or stuffed potato. The fish itself is perfectly seasoned, the crabmeat portions are massive and juicy. The lemon butter sauce is a tasty combination of sweet and savory that brings the whole item together.

One bite into the dish and your first impression is just how fresh it is. The flounder tastes as if it was caught that morning and seared to perfection by a world class chef. The complimentary crabmeat is also exquisite. Topping off an already delicious fish with a hearty portion of crabmeat to bring all the flavors together is a nice touch that doesn’t go unnoticed. The savory lemon sauce is a powerful taste, but not so powerful as to block the rest of the flavors. They’re not a few good thing separately; they are a team of flavors that together create a delicious meal.

Finding great seafood in the capital of Louisiana isn’t exactly a fool’s errand. It seems like great new places are popping up all the time, plenty of them serving straight from the sea to the table. But, keep in mind the history that Drusilla has witnessed. They’ve been in business since 1982, seen all the ups and downs this city has been through, and survived it all. Not many restaurants have the ability nor the drive to churn out delicious food for over 30 years, but, thankfully, we have one of those elite establishments right around the corner.

Yes, the flounder is fantastic, but, it represents more than just a tasty dish. It’s as symbolic of the restaurant as the sign on their door. Over 30 years of seafood, Drusilla is still going strong.


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