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Just take a look at the name. Tiger Deaux-nuts is already the most Baton Rouge-esque establishment you can find in this town, but its delicious breakfast menu just drives that point home.

In the Capital City, we know food. We know what we like and why our food is so special. Tiger Deaux-nuts knows it, too. That’s why the shop created the most Louisianan breakfast sandwich you’ve ever heard of, the Boudin Egg and Cheese Sandwich.

The sandwich begins with what seems to be a biscuit-croissant hybrid. Flaky, soft and warm, the golden brown bread holds together what is soon to be a deliciously messy sandwich. The fried egg oozes yolk after the first bite and drips down your fingers onto the plate. Melty, rich cheddar cheese can be found on this culinary work of art as well. A dollop of syrup gives the sandwich a sweet, sticky kick that other breakfast sandwiches just don’t have. If you’re familiar with the McGriddle from McDonald’s, just think of it like that except infinitely better.

Finally, the pièce de résistance — the boudin patty. Most breakfast joints would be more than happy to throw a piece of sausage, ham or some bacon onto the sandwich, but Tiger Deaux-nuts isn’t like most breakfast joints. It’s proven, both in name and in practice, that it’s taking what you’re familiar with and slathering it in Louisiana flavor. The meaty, ricey patty may not seem like it makes sense, but cooking isn’t about what makes sense on paper in the South. Creating something delicious and unique is the name of the game, and in that area, the shop succeeded.

Look, breakfast is fantastic, and everybody knows it. But, the options are limited. We need a maverick like Tiger Deaux-nuts to take breakfast food out of the stone ages and into the light. The great culinary strides that have been made in this city alone are worthy of respect and mimicry, so you can be sure that the Boudin Egg and Cheese sandwich from Tiger Deaux-nuts is one small step for a sandwich alone, but one giant leap for breakfast sandwiches everywhere.


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