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By Matt Starlight

Let me first go onto whatever record everyone seems to be referring to and let it be known that I’m an avid Burgersmith fan, so just the notion of reviewing their burgers, fries, and floats filled my stomach with anticipatory glee.

As far as mid price range burgers in Baton Rouge go, Burgersmith can go toe-to-toe with any of their worthy competition. The meat is fresh, the french fries are crispy (and come in four different varieties), and they have their own signature beer, which couldn’t be cooler. It’s also located nearby—just off Perkins Road, so you won’t have to drive too far to get your hands their food.

The feature that really sets them apart from other burger places is that you don’t order a burger with toppings; you select which burger patty you want and add your own toppings as you see fit. If you want a regular hamburger, they’ve got it. Want a filet burger? Turkey burger? Bison burger? Freakin’ ostrich burger? They’ve got them all at your disposal.

The variety of the toppings at Burgersmith also serves as a major selling point. They’ve got your typical lettuce, tomato, pickles, and such. But, for a few extra quarters, you can get chili, a fried egg, bacon, cilantro lime mayo, avocado, grilled mushrooms, or other toppings you’ll have a hard time finding under one roof anywhere else. If you want to put together a fresh, green option with veggies and turkey, go right ahead. If you’d rather a smorgasbord of meat and sauces, they’ve got you covered.

What you’ll find pictured is a bison burger with Smith Sauce, chipotle mayo, creole mustard, butter leaf lettuce, a tomato, onion, Gouda cheese, and a fried egg. The egg is runny, the sauces are savory and spicy, the meat is still juicy, the veggies are fresh, and the bun is soft and warm. Heart attack on a bun? Possibly. But thanks to Burgersmith, I can choose exactly which artery clogging patty and toppings will send me straight to the ER at age 40.

Spend your lunch hour at the bar with one of these for some sweet relief from the daily grind.


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