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By Matt Starlight

The idea of boiling your own fresh food at the table while you eat may rub you the wrong way the first time you hear it, but give it more than a few seconds attention and you’ll soon realize what a unique experience it is. At the Melting Pot, that’s the environment that they offer for your special occasions or even random weeknights.

To go along with the summer heat, they’re offering a special menu that features their standout option: the Summer Seafood Catch.

Sit down at a comfortable booth and something about the lighting lets you know that you’re about to have a dining experience that’s a little bit different than you would at other restaurants. First, they bring out your opening salads to get your palate going, then you’re in for the first course. A melty, cheesy Swiss and cheddar combo comes to a rolling boil right in front of your eyes. Then, your waiter puts in a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce, some sliced tomatoes, a few chunks of brisket, and some garnishes. Put one of your three options of bread, green apples, or vegetables on the provided spears and start dipping away.

Next, is the main course. For anyone used to crawfish boils (hopefully everyone), this concept will seem familiar. Out comes a new pot of boiling water and seasoning, along with a plethora of seafood such as raw lobster claws, shrimp, scallops, plus sausage, vegetables, ravioli, corn, and enough sauces to keep you in a constant state of surprise. Let the food boil for about two minutes each and you’ve got a continuously flowing array of fresh boiled seafood and veggies that taste as fresh as they look.

Finally, a chocolate fondue option is brought out and garnished with bananas and nuts. You’re given everything from brownies to fudge to actual cake to dip into the bubbling chocolate.

If, by some miracle you’re not completely satisfied, just come back tomorrow and start it all over again. The Melting Pot really does take care of their guests in a way that no other restaurant can compete with, so stop by for friendly faces and the chance to enjoy fresh food in a way you can’t find anywhere else in the city.


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