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By Matt Starlight

“Anytime you make food alcoholic is a win.” It sounds like something a Medieval village drunk might say on his way to the pub. But, it makes sense, after all. Beer-can chicken, jello shots, and beer floats all comprise a delicious and unique subcategory of cuisine that appeals to those of a larger, boozier appetite.

Today, I’m happy to introduce another contender to this league of champions: the Bourbon Pecan Gelato at La Divina Gelateria.

Before getting into the alcohol and pralines that make this such a scrumptious dessert, it’s important to acknowledge that all the goodies on top are built on a base of gelato. For the less travelled readers, it’s essentially Italian ice cream that’s prepared a little more carefully. Gelato has less whipped air than ice cream, meaning it’s usually a little denser and richer. It’s also got less fat, a higher proportion of milk, and little or no eggs. On top of all this, it’s churned at a much slower pace than normal ice cream. While these differences may not sound very impressive on paper, it’s obvious after a bite that this isn’t Blue Bell or any other typical store bought brand.

La Divina gelato is made every day from scratch using local, grass-fed cow’s milk and fresh ingredients. The Bourbon Pecan flavor in particular is made of sweet, savory, praline gelato with Maker’s Mark whiskey thrown in for good measure, all topped with fresh, crunchy pecans.

It’s sweet, smooth, and that hint of booze gives it a fresh kick you’ll have a hard time finding in any other dessert in this city.

La Divina Gelateria is fresh to scene, being located in the same new building on Perkins Road as Trader Joe’s. But, the gelato harks back to classic traditions, so next time you have a hankering for ice cream, skip the Winn Dixie generic carton and the onslaught of fro-yo shops that smell like Lysol. Check out La Divina Gelateria for gelato the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.


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