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The Dish: Ceviche @ Coyote Blues

By Matt Starlight


You may not be familiar with ceviche, but with temperatures spiking and our favorite winter dishes dropping off menus like flies, you should.

Ceviche is a classic South and Central American dish made up of raw seafood that has been cured in citrus juices, like lemon and/or lime. It’s accompanied by a plethora of fresh greens like avocado and lettuce, along with other favorite such as tomato chunks and pico de gallo.

While Baton Rouge has its fair share of taco joints, not too many of them are whipping up something so ingrained in Southern American culture that some of us may not have ever heard of it. Luckily, Baton Rouge has it’s own Coyote Blues ready to bring this delicacy to the city.

Known primarily for their Louisianian take on Mexican food, Coyote Blues crafts ceviche with ingredients residents of the state know quite well. It’s made of succulent shrimp and sweet bay scallops marinated in citrus juice with pico de gallo, lump crabmeat & diced avocado.

It’s a spicy, citrusy dish that would serve those with a hankering for fresh, lively ingredients well on a warm day. It comes with the lemon and lime wedges in the dish, so you can decide exactly how much acidity you would like. You also get a hearty portion of tortilla chips and salsa and guacamole to satisfy your insatiable craving for salty foods.

At a reasonable $12, the ceviche would do well split between two who are ready to prepare their palate for something heavier.

If the heat is getting the best of you and some you think some fresh seafood may do the trick, check out Coyote Blues and give their ceviche a shot. It’s a light, Southern American dish that’s tough to find anywhere else in the neighborhood.


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