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The Drink

By Matt Starlight

Not many restaurants in the Capital City can claim to have infused the delicious goodness of your childhood’s favorite cookie with James Bond’s favorite drink. But, Capital City Grill isn’t like many restaurants at all.

The creamy concoction straight out of Baton Rouge’s namesake joint has got enough dairy in the drink to make The Dude proud. It’s Irish cream, Goldschlager, schnapps, Jagermeister, and light cream all mixed together in a tall martini glass for primetime happy hour satisfaction.

Entering into the world of alcoholic desserts is a wonderful, slippery slope of a process. A solid daiquiri, white russian, or beer-filled float is nothing to scoff at. There’s quality booze to be found behind this sweet tooth facade, so don’t let yourself be persuaded into thinking the lightness of the drink is emblematic of lightness of effort. This genre of alcoholic madness deserves respect in the same way your Negroni, Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule loving ancestors respected their own vices; these just happen to taste a little better. Toss a little dairy and sugar into the mix and most drinks will come out on top, so long as the barkeep knows their chemistry. You didn’t discount Walter White when he jumpstarted a car with pennies; don’t be so naive to think that these ingredients cannot be used for the ultimate alcoholic pursuits.

It’s an era of accessible cocktails, where the measure of a man is no longer how tolerable of horrid taste he is, but rather of the confidence to order whatever, whenever, despite sideways glances and elbow nudges. Insecurity be damned and tossed to the wind with the order of the Oatmeal Cookie martini, the bravest cocktail of all.


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