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By Matt Starlight

After fighting off impending closures to disagreements with landlord Hank Saurage, Clarke Cadzow, owner of Highland Coffees, has assured the LSU community that he’ll be serving up his signature cups of joe to the caffeine-driven students “for years to come.”

And while hot coffee would be the perfect option elsewhere in the nation, here in Baton Rouge, November somehow still means T-shirt weather. Thus, your best bet for the midday blues is still an iced drink. Luckily for us, Highland Coffees is willing to make an exception to their normal menu by putting their tasty Black Orange Spice Tea on ice to beat the heat. “Our flavored black teas are high-quality black teas misted with flavoring. The flavoring does not overpower the taste of the tea itself; they blend together well. Each of these popular teas tastes great hot or iced,” according to the Highland Coffees website.

Fresh and tasty, the Black Orange Spice Tea strikes a difficult balance between fruity and earthy, tangy and robust, simple and eccentric. It’s iced tea for those who like a little more effort put into the craft, because tea is certainly that. A craft.

Much like coffee and beer, tea deserves a great deal of attention and care. Carrying out this high amount of effort allows full ranges of flavors to come through the cup and speak languages you otherwise wouldn’t have experienced. Or you can go with generic brand A or B. Highland Coffees may not be named after this second fiddle drink, but they surely don’t treat it that way.  

In the quest for the perfect pick-me-up, the power of a good cup of tea cannot be ignored. Arguably better for your health than coffee and definitely better for your health than beer, tea is a viable, tasty option for anyone looking for a bit of energy without the crash. Highland Coffees does tea better than anyone else in Baton Rouge.


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