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By Matt Starlight

Stroll up to The Cove after parking your car in the lot and you’re not quite sure exactly what to expect. It’s hidden in the corner of a strip mall, next to a breakfast chain and golf shop, so the thought that Baton Rouge’s largest collection of spirits lies behind that glass door is almost more than your imagination can handle.

But, shortly after entering, you’ll have no choice but to feast your eyes on the enormously impressive selection of whiskeys and other spirits that The Cove has to offer and kick yourself for ever doubting them.

Of course, their beer selection is large and nearly unending, but what really makes The Cove such a special destination for booze aficionados is the cocktail bar in the back. Some of the most well-trained and experienced mixologists call this bar their office as they prepare literally hundreds of cocktails whose recipes were memorized, along with anecdotes about their origins.

One of many crowd pleasers from the bar is known as the New Orleans Mule, a twist on the classic Moscow Mule. This variety is made with coffee liqueur, which is a traditional NOLA cocktail ingredient that puts a unique kick into an otherwise delicious but common drink.

This cocktail scratches the surface of what’s possible at The Cove. A massive selection of drinks is available for your drinking pleasure at this neighborhood watering hole, so if this particular beverage doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t be discouraged. You can bet they’ll find something perfect for your taste, no matter who you are or what kind of cocktail lover you are.


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