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By Matt Starlight

Coffee porter beers are the epitome of an acquired taste. If you haven’t acclimated yourself to its thick, bold flavor, watching someone down the nearly black brew could send shivers down your spine.

But, for those brave enough to keep an open mind and give it a shot, the rewards can be plentiful.

The seasonal Tin Roof Parade Ground Coffee Porter is one such brew. Scaring away the faint of heart, the Parade Ground Coffee Porter is a flavorful beer for the bravest among us.

Out of the can or on tap, the beer is dark and full. A deep, almost seal brown color catches your eye as the frothy beer fills your glass. A thick tan head sits atop the pour and is sure to form a hell of a ‘stache as your take your first sip.

The smell is strong, but not overpowering. You can definitely pick up on the coffee notes, but it’s not as pungent as more typical porters. Coffee and java notes are easily detected, but digging a little deeper gets you some sweet chocolate hints as well.

As for the flavor, see above. A coffee taste is present, but, again, it’s not as strong as some other porters you would taste. Anyone who’s had a Michelob AmberBock knows what it’s like to pour a dark beer but taste something much more accessible, and that’s exactly what this beer brings.

Don’t let the color scare you; Tin Roof Parade Ground Coffee Porter is easier to drink than you think. Willingness to break away from the American brews we’re all so familiar with means a horizon expanding experience. Don’t limit yourself to just one brew; acclimate yourself to new flavors so you too can be brave of heart.


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