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Abita Brewing Company’s been the main player in the beverage game in Louisiana for some time now. Its beers have become synonymous with the area as everyone and their grandmother has ordered an Abita Amber or Purple Haze. But lately, there’s been a change in that balance.

Hard root beer has taken the nation by storm lately, with Not Your Grandfather’s Root Beer popping up in stores everywhere. Abita recently decided to put its own spin the brew with Bayou Bootlegger Hard Root Beer.

At 5.9 percent alcohol content, this beer isn’t exactly soft, but you wouldn’t know without looking at the label. Bayou Bootlegger impressively hides the alcoholic taste, which is great news until it becomes dangerous news. It’s up to drinkers to keep their alcohol levels in check of course, but don’t expect any help from this sweet, bubbly brew. According to the Abita website, it’s “gluten-free and sweetened with pure Louisiana cane sugar,” and “delivers aromas of wintergreen, vanilla and sassafras, with hints of clove and anise.”

That’s a tall order right out of the gate, but critics and consumers alike have been flocking to the new brew for its superior carbonation levels, lack of a chemical aftertaste and booze-free flavor palate.

Abita has released its fair share of dud brews, but this one seems poised to take off. Appealing to a slightly younger demographic seems like a smart play that’ll reap Abita the benefits of a party state like ours, while the widespread availability, delicious taste and affordability make the drinking population very happy.


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