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By Matt Starlight

The root beer float is like a time capsule of a dessert. Drinking (or eating) one is like stepping into that neon diner that your parents went to when they were young where the guys all dressed like The Fonz and “gals” all wore skirts past their knees and they all had poodles stitched into them for some reason.

Those days of sock hops and no internet are thankfully gone, but their best drink remains if you know where to look for it. Burgersmith, priding themselves on days of old where “if you wanted something, you went to the one person who did it right,” will make you a root beer float and you’ll be thankful they did.

It starts with the base: vanilla ice cream from New Orleans Ice Cream Company. They’ve been heralded in NOLA, receiving a multitude of awards and commendations that the city has to offer. It’s soft, sweet, and won’t poison you like some other notable ice cream brands have been lately. It’s as good as anything you’d get in a specialty shop and can be bought by the carton at many local groceries, but Burgersmith is willing to serve it up in a frosty mug. We should be so lucky.

Of course it isn’t a float without some root beer. Luckily, Burgersmith carries delicious Abita Root Beer by the bottle. Its too bad it isn’t one of its alcoholic sister drinks; however, it is about as tasty a booze free drink can be. Bubbly and refreshing, the root beer is poured over ice cream and infuses into it, softening the creamy concoction and inducing childhood flashbacks at the same time.

While it may be a little different than a milkshake, Vincent Vega would have no problem spending $5 on these, even if it doesn’t come with bourbon.


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