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The Drink: 40 Arpent Delacroix Abbey Ale @ The Pelican House

By Matt Starlight

In the world of microbreweries, it’s important that your supply can keep up with your demand. It’s a common problem in the beer industry: rapid expansion eventually catches up to a small operation, bartenders have to tell patrons they can’t serve the beer, bad word of mouth overpowers quality, and the beer label dies. Luckily for all beer drinkers of Baton Rouge, 40 Arpent is aware of the problem and is keeping their operations in check to prevent this Achilles’s Heel of the microbrew.

In Baton Rouge, you’re lucky enough to live in a city that carries the 40 Arpent Delacroix Abbey Ale. DIG grabbed a pint of it at the Pelican House, one of only two bars in the city where it’s available.

40 Arpent’s green tap handles stand out like a sore thumb in the Pelican House’s impressive tap line up, and the Delacroix pours golden orange with a thick white head. First impressions include the fruity aroma; grape and orange notes flutter through your nostrils without being too overpowering. To chalk this up as just another fruity beer, however, would be a grave disservice. Funky notes of IPA tasting flavors separate this brew from the onslaught of Belgian ales available for you, along with the impressive 7 percent alcohol content. After just two of these bad boys, inexperienced drinkers will be swimming. Don’t let that stop you, though. It’s a sweet, tasty beer with just the right carbonation and mouthfeel.

40 Arpent’s owner Mike frequently visits the Pelican House, according to bartender Fitz. Stop by the bar on your pregame passes and have a Delacroix Abbey Ale, and if you’re lucky enough to see Mike there, be sure to thank him for the enjoyable buzz.


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