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By Matt Starlight

Rocking the bright orange sign on Perkins Road is The Big Squeezy, which “boasts local, raw, and delicious cold pressed juices.” If you’ve never heard of a “juicery” before, we can’t exactly blame you. They usually reside in the artsy part of the hipster towns that Baton Rouge has never wanted to nor been able to associate itself with in the past. Now, Baton Rouge is becoming more bike friendly and art friendly, and so it’s natural that juicing is making it’s way into the fabric of the city.

Whether you’re the kind of person who likes a smoothie or bacon and eggs in the morning, it’s pretty hard to argue the health benefits that juices and smoothies can provide.

While The Big Squeezy has plenty of juices that dish out healthy antioxidants like it’s nobody’s business, those may be a bit tough to down for the average palate considering they’re made of kale, spinach, parsley, and a small amount of fruit. For those of us who like their beverages a little sweeter, The Big Squeezy offers the Crazy Eight, which is made of pineapple, green apple, watermelon, orange, lemon, carrot, beet, and a hint of ginger.

Sweet and tasty, the Crazy Eight offers most of the healthy benefits of the super green alternatives without the unnecessarily grassy flavor. Fruit notes dominate the overall impressions, but detecting the carrots and beets won’t be a problem for anyone looking for it. Crazy Eight strikes a nice balance between overly fruity and overly earthy by allowing the pineapple, green apple, watermelon, and orange notes to take control of the flavor and relegating the vegetable notes to subordinate, yet complementary role.

It’s June now, so if you’re one of the five people left in the country still sticking to that new year’s resolution to eat healthier, pin The Big Squeezy in your iPhone’s map and make it a regular fixture on your quest to live longer and look better.


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