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By Matt Starlight

The Melting Pot has built up quite the reputation in Louisiana as a prime location for special occasions, date nights, and of course, fondue. But, what you may not know about our friendly neighborhood boil-your-own-food joint is that it’s rocking an impressive bar with a few even more impressive original cocktails.

Ask the bartenders for a recommendation to go well with the sweltering heat that’s become inescapable these days and there’s a good chance they’ll whip you up a Summertime Sipper.

Served up in a cold Tom Collins glass comes a tasty, gorgeous drink made of ice, Malibu, Sprite, and large chunks of watermelon and cucumber on small spears like an anti-shish kabob. Sip a bit of it through the straw and you’re already on the beach, ready to hit the water.

We’ve all either been successful enough to know or have seen it on television enough to know that putting large slices of cucumber in the drinking water is, for some mystical reason, amazing. According to every blogging foodie’s third WordPress post, this is an “absolute must” for throwing fancy dinner parties. Take that concept to the alcoholic scene that we all love so much and it’s like drinking straight class.

It’s also easy to get a bit of pulp from the watermelon through the straw too, which is truly a nice touch because you know they don’t use watermelon and cucumber extracts or flavoring. You see the bartenders actually cutting up these large hunks of produce and putting them in the drink, not squirting pink and green liquid from an old plastic bottle.

The Melting Pot’s appeal really comes from the freshness of their ingredients. Watching your food cook on the table is part of the appeal. Luckily for the drinkers of the Baton Rouge community, they’ve taken this same idea and put it on the drink menu. Ask the bartender for a Summertime Sipper if you like some fresh produce with a nice buzz.



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