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By Matt Starlight

Swamp Pop’s a tough beverage to come by. It’s only carried in a few select stores, but if you do manage to stumble across a few bottles of it, be sure to pick up a four-pack of the Satsuma Fizz.

Everyone (or all the cool people, at least) know that when you’re craving a Coke, you want the tall glass bottle from Mexico.


Because it’s made of actual sugarcane, not high fructose corn syrup. The difference in flavor is like listening to a digital copy versus a vinyl of your favorite album. The digital version will get the job done, but once you’ve been spoiled by the vinyl, it’s tough to go back. With that in mind, tread lightly to the pure sugarcane side and know that it’s a one way street. But, also know that the benefits are usually worth it.

That’s what makes the Louisiana made Swamp Pop line of sodas particularly enjoyable. Tall, glass bottles embellished with gorgeous labels contain the pure sugarcane concoctions. Mixed in is a variety ingredients more or less typical of your average soda pop, but it’s that pure Louisiana sugar cane that makes it stand out.

The Satsuma Fizz flavor was the consensus favorite at DIG headquarters. It’s light and fruity, without being too weak. It strikes a nice balance between too much and too little flavoring, and the name is truly justified by the intense carbonation you’ll find after prying off the top. Any orange soda enthusiasts would be wise to add this variety to your list of go-to’s.

You can buy them by the four or single bottle at Calandro’s Supermarket on Perkins Road, so next time you’re in the area and the summer heat is melting you where you stand, just know that there are ice cold bottles of Swamp Pop’s Satsuma Fizz waiting for you just off Perkins.


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