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The Drink: The Barney

By Catie Santos

Some things just go better together – peanut butter and jelly, purple and gold, chicken and waffles. But what about beer and beer? Forget everything you’ve previously been told about not mixing alcohol, and try a beer mix the next time you’re in the mood for a cold one. The Barney is a beer mix with a subtle fruit flavor that goes down smooth and hits you hard. Appropriately named after the famous purple dinosaur, the Barney is composed of two Abita beers, Purple Haze and Andygator. Andygator is a hoppy brown Dopplebock with 8% alcohol by volume and  Purple Haze is a crisp wheat with raspberry flavors. The raspberry is added after the beer is filtered, giving the beer its “hazy” appearance. Purple Haze’s signature fruity taste is significantly toned down by the strong Andygator taste, and in turn the sweetness masks the alcoholic strength of the beer. Although this drink is very easy to gulp down, don’t be fooled – the Barney packs quite a punch and can easily have you off your feet after a couple of rounds.

The best place to grab an ice-cold, draft Barney is at the Chimes, right off LSU’s campus, which serves 20 oz glasses of the beer mix for $5.00 a pint.


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