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The essentials: Surviving your midterms

With less than a week away, midterms are quickly approaching and of course, there seems never to be enough time to prepare for this dreaded week. While Scantrons, bluebooks and pencils are important things to have for midterm weeks, DIG is here to remind you of those non-conventional essentials to help you through your struggle week and keep you sane.

An extreme amount of coffee: There’s just no early morning or late night studying without the help of coffee. Whether you like it jet black, or you put so much sugar and cream in it until it tastes like a melted chocolate bar, coffee is going to be your saving grace when getting you through those unbearable moments of sleep deprivation. And for those non-coffee drinkers, there’s always energy drinks and 5-Hour Energy boosters.

A good playlist: This is a no-brainer. Any good study session has to be accompanied with good music. What songs should you add? Here are some of our favorite jams we’re diggin’. 

Cram Jamz
“Jimmy Choo” by Fetty Wap
“Work” by Rihanna and Drake
“Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber
“Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez
“Me, Myself, & I” by G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha
“Low Life, Future” by The Weekend
“YOUTH” by Troye Sivan,
“Bang My Head” by David Guetta/Sia/Fetty Wap
“2 Phones” by Kevin Gates

Just enough sleep to keep your sanity: While we do understand that you don’t get tired, your body does need a little rest. To avoid moments of freak-outs and delusion, we suggest you rest at least six hours per day. Sleep is very vital when it comes to studying and retaining information. Sleeping at least six hours a day will maximize your studying potential. Hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, try a full eight hours, you’ll notice the difference in your attention span.

A few prayers wouldn’t hurt: If you haven’t prayed all year, this may be the time to start because let’s face it, there’re just some courses only an act of God can get you through with a passing grade.

Overachieving classmates: We all know at least one in every class… the overachiever. Usually a bit cocky and at times annoying, these overachievers may come in handy during midterms week. How? Well, chances are they have been to every class, they tend to be very active during class participation, and probably already knows the majority of the test information. We aren’t saying you should mooch off of their information, but overachievers come in handy when you’re confused about what to study and how you should study it.

Yummy junk food: We’re pretty sure you’ve already dropped all those New Year’s resolutions not to eat junk food anyways. There’s nothing worse than having the late night munchies while trying to study. Make sure you stack up on all your favorite treats and don’t feel bad about it, you deserve it for all your hard studying. #LittleDebbieisBAE

A “just-in-case” bag: A long week of studying can leave you little time to relax at your home. Therefore, it is a smart idea to prepare a study bag with all the items you’re going to need to get you through. Here are a few items we suggest you include in your bag, and by the way, you can totally pack these items in your book-bag: 

Just throw it in the bag
Phone charger
Computer charger
A sweater or jacket
A couple of bottles of water
Pain-reliever (in case you get the aches)
Travel size body spray, in case you pull an all-nighter
Mint or gum, to keep that breath minty fresh.

Your professor’s sympathy: It is never a bad idea to give your professor a visit before your midterm. Heading to your professor’s office hours shows that you care about your grade and may even score you some brownie points. Ask specific questions you’re confused about and make sure you understand the material you’ll be tested on.

A lot of motivation: If nothing else, this should keep you motivated during finals week. Once Friday comes around, you can take all your studying frustrations out at your favorite bar and have a good time.


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