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Jesus Fuentes is a Lambda Chi Alpha at Spring Hill College who also lives near Baton Rouge. While at home, Fuentes uses the knowledge gained while majoring in international business and accounting to work as a young entrepreneur within his family business. Similar to the lifestyle portrayed in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Fuentes displays classic, preppy style in his everyday wardrobe. He tells readers how he transforms his personal style into a lifestyle.


DIG: How would you describe your style?


Jesus Fuentes: I’d say my style is “classic,” which most people would probably categorize as preppy. I don’t follow the new flashy trends that seem to fade overnight. Classic never goes out of style and I find it sends a message out to the world of class and education. Yeah, I wear gym shorts and a T-shirt, but only when I’m going to the gym or when I’m hanging around the house. When I’m going to Fresh Market−or even just walking my dog around the block−you can most definitely find me in country club attire.


DIG: Who or what do you look to for style inspiration?


JF: Kiel James Patrick is a New England prep icon I often refer to when I’m clueless as to what I want to wear for the day. He constantly makes posts through various forms of social media that display a lifestyle of leisure and class. The guy knows how to dress and how to make the world wish they were him. When he is not out for a boat ride or camping at his lake house, he is at his company’s headquarters where he oversees KJP. There, he designs bracelets, belts, and bow ties that reflect this relaxed yet elegant lifestyle.


DIG: In menswear, it’s all about the detail. How do you accessorize?


JF: Accessories in a man’s wardrobe must compliment the man and his outfit, not make a statement of their own. I start with selecting a pair of shoes of the same color or color scheme as my pants/shorts, and then I pair the shoes with a belt of the same color. To tie it together, I select a watch of the same metal (stainless steel, gold, etc.,) as the belt buckle. When I am not feeling a watch, I’ll go with a Kiel James Patrick bracelet that matches the belt in some way. A congruent outfit sends a message of class and elegance and gives that extra bit of confidence to put pep in my step.


DIG: What are some key pieces you are wearing this spring/summer?


JF: My Polo by Ralph Lauren seersucker blazer is definitely one key piece I’ll be wearing around this summer. It’s elegant, very light, and a classic. I’ll also be wearing the new Hamilton 1-Eye Driver Sperry slip on shoes. Not only are they super comfortable, they can be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion. Another key piece in my wardrobe this summer is my anchor belt from the Kiel James Patrick Belt Captain Belt Collection. The belt is made from superior quality leather and handcrafter here in the USA.


DIG: How would you achieve or adapt The Talented Mr. Ripley style?


JF: I would say my style is very similar to that of Dickie Greenleaf. I often found myself thinking, “Hey, I have that same blazer!” or “I would totally wear that!” throughout Greenleaf’s appearance in the movie. The only difference comes down to the fit. In the movie the fit is more loose and relaxed. I prefer more of a tailored look that compliments my physique. Otherwise it’s the same Ivy League/Country Club style I follow.


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