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The Great BR Cheese Fry Tour

By DIG Staff

Perhaps the greatest wonder of modern cuisine is the cheese fry. Fried potatoes, melty cheese, and a menagerie of toppings make for the ultimate bar grub, and BR does it like no other.

We’ve designed the perfect six-top tour of the best cheese fries in town, and we’re sharing our secrets with you. Up your friends (and maybe some heartburn medication) and come along for the ride. Prepare yourself—cheese fries are serious business.

Stop #1: Bistro Byronz

The Order: Three-Cheese Frites

20150831_DIG_BISTRO_BYRONS-0002We like to call these “highbrow cheese fries.” Bistro Byronz’s New Orleans-style chic
is the exact combination of casual and fancy needed to elevate everyone’s favorite drunk chow into something fit for Sunday brunch. This plate comes piled high with crispy frites, a three-cheese blend, and a three-cheese melt.

There are many schools of thought on what the ideal style of fry for cheese fries, but there’s certainly a case for these thin-cut frites. The little beauties manage to hold their crunch, even soaked in melted cheese. If you want to survive a six-stop cheese fry crawl, you have to start with the least greasy option. If cheese fries can be classy, this is it. ­

Stop #2: The Pelican House

The Order: Duck Gravy Poutine

20150831_DIG_PELICAN_HOUSE-0002For those not familiar, poutine is a traditional Canadian dish, usually made by topping fries with cheese curds and a light brown gravy. Pelican House, home of the gourmet bar grub, has put their own southern spin on the dish by swapping the cheese curbs for melted cheddar and sour cream and smothering the whole thing in duck gravy and debris. Sounds amazing, right? Yes, it is. The Pelican House is no stranger to making classic dishes their own, from pork belly grilled cheese to gator benedict, and this poutine takes you somewhere far beyond the taproom. Let them transform your idea of cheese fries.

Stop #3: Acme Oyster House

The Order: Boo Fries

20150820_ACME-0018The story goes that Acme’s Boo Fries are so named because of a New Orleans regular who’d sit at the bar and say to the waitress, “Bring me some fries, boo.” Though the fries were at first only topped with gravy, Acme added melted cheese and roast beef debris a few years ago, and it’s been one of the restaurants best sellers ever since.

A serious cheese fry aficionado will tell you that one of the key tenets cheese fries is stratification—layering of cheese and fries so that all fries are covered. There are few things more unsatisfying than being left with a bunch of naked fries after the first few bites. Order the Boo Fries, and you won’t find a single fry not drenched in cheese and gravy. At the halfway point of your cheese fry tour, this is the hearty plate you need.

Stop #4: Louie’s Café

The Order: Classic Cheese Fries

20150831_DIG_LOUIES_CHEESEFRIES-0002Diner cheese fries are as American as the First Amendment and grease stains on your t-shirt, and famous all-night diner Louie’s Café delivers the ideal cheesy experience. A true Louie’s regular knows that when your server offers you a choice between three cheeses for your fries, the only correct answer is “all of the above.”

You can get these fries loaded, but we encourage you not to make things complicated. There’s something about the simplicity of these fries that makes them so delicious.

Stop #5: Brightside Bar & Grill

The Order: Loaded Cheese Fries

20150904_DIG_CHEESEFRIES_BRIGHTSIDE-0002Let’s be real. If you’re actually attempting this cheese fries tour, by now you’re feeling a little sweaty and bloated. That’s OK. We’re not here to judge. Instead, we’re here to suggest a cheese fry order to match your mood.

BR’s most charming dive, Brightside Bar & Grill, isn’t famous for their menu, but they should be—they offer some of the best bar cheese fries in town.

You don’t need something fancy here. You need greasy, extra cheesy, loaded fries that you can wash down with a pitcher of beer, and these are it. Maybe it’s the crinkle cut that lets cheese adhere more firmly to the fry, but we’re obsessed with them.

Stop #6: Walk-Ons Bistreaux & Bar

The Order: World Famous Waffle Cheese Fries

WALKSONS2You’ve made it to the last stop on the cheese fry tour, and it’s time to celebrate with something a little different: waffle fries. Though an unusual choice for cheese fries, the sheer surface area each fry allows maximum coverage of melted Monterey Jack and sharp cheddar cheeses.

Topped with bacon and green onions, these fries come with an unexpected addition: banana peppers. It may sound strange, but the peppers add a zing of tanginess that lightens up an otherwise heavy skillet of fries—just what you need to cut through the grease at the end of this tour.


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