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The latest in fitness: Hotworx

Are you ready to feel the burn?? The latest fitness addiction has arrived in Baton Rouge! Hotworx is a 24 hour infrared fitness studio that combines exercise with heat. This combination allows participants to flush toxins from their body while burning calories. (DAMN!!!! THAT’S HOT!)

The classes are video instructed and range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. They offer a total of 8 isometric sessions which are 30 minutes and 2 high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions which are 15 minutes.

ISOMETRIC SESSIONS (30 Minutes, Up to 3 Users per Session)

  • HOT ISO– Isometric Compression Postures
  • HOT PILATES– Traditional Pilates
  • HOT YOGA– Traditional Yoga
  • HOT BUNS– Focus on the Glutes
  • HOT ROLL– Self-Myofascial Release with a Foam Roller
  • HOT CORE– Abs, Hips, and Lower Back
  • HOT WARRIOR- Advanced Version of Hot Iso
  • HOT ZEN– Meditate Your Way

HIIT SESSIONS (15 Minutes, High Intensity Interval Training)

  • HOT CYCLE– HIIT Cycle Session (Up to 3 Users per Session)
  • HOT ROW– HIIT Row + Chest and Leg Press (Up to 2 Users per Session)

To learn more about Hotworx visit their Facebook page or website. And be sure to check out the Baton Rouge locations on Highland Road near LSU’s campus (AMAZING SPECIALS THIS WEEK!!!) and on Perkins Road at Essen (COMING SOON!!!!!!)


Image: Facebook/Hotworx(Baton Rouge) and Hotworx.net


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