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The Most Spirited Halloween

By Randee Iles

As we grow up, Halloween can, to some people, like a kiddy holiday that isn’t worth their time. Those people are wrong. With so many great memories of tricks and treats, being in college should not hinder your spooky self from the Halloween festivities. Here’s a couple ways to make sure your collegiate Halloween is perfect.

Start Early

Even if you’re just wearing mouse ears with a black shirt and red shorts, the best way to get in the Halloween spirit early is to dress up for class. While public speaking probably is not the best place for you provocative fireman/police/witch costume, there are plenty of casual DIY costumes you can put together from items already in your closet.

Eat Treats All Day

If you’re on a normal college student diet, this won’t be too much worse for your health anyway. When you get home from class cook up those sugar cookies with the ghosts on them and enjoy the sweet taste of Halloween, because you’re in college and your mom doesn’t need to know.  The only thing better than eating sweets all day on Halloween is eating the half-priced, giant bags of candy that go on sale after the holiday.

Costume Party

If you have a Facebook you have probably been invited to a Halloween costume party, and if you haven’t then it is time to plan your own. The beauty of college is that anything can be about drinking, and anything can be a costume. Even if you can’t afford a real outfit, as long as you have an eyeliner pencil you are automatically a cat/dog/mouse/etc. These parties are great if you don’t like the scary aspect of the holiday, just head to your friend’s house or Tigerland and use it as an excuse to drink while wearing cat ears!

Scary Movie Marathon

Not everyone is the college party type, but don’t worry because Halloween isn’t about all partying! Get together with your closest friends, or if you’re daring enough stay home alone, and put together a playlist of the creepiest, grossest, and bloodiest scary movies you can think of. Netflix is great for finding the best (and worst) horror movies out there. To make your marathon complete set up a drinking game to go with each movie!

Haunted House

One of the best parts of Halloween is all of the haunted houses that pop up in October. From big productions to mild scares there are plenty of ghostly events to attend around Halloween that will sure put you in the spooky spirits. Thankfully in Baton Rouge we have one of the best rated haunted houses in the nation, The 13th Gate, so if you haven’t been yet Halloween night is perfect for your adrenaline-rushed adventures. Not only are there these Halloween-inspired mazes, but also Louisiana is full of actual “haunted” houses that are open for touring, including The Myrtles Plantation, which are sure to give you a spook.


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