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The Perfect Plan

A look into the life of a professional wedding planner

As I sat down with Angela DiVincenti Babin of Angela Marie Events in the kitchen of her Baton Rouge home, she revealed that her creativity and affinity for party planning comes from her mother’s influence.

“My mom was a homemaker and always had big parties for us. She did everything: the cake, the flowers, everything. It really stemmed from her.”

Babin began her career as an advertising major at LSU, but soon realized her talents lent themselves more to the creative outlet that event planning provides. After a short stint in Dallas, Babin returned to her hometown of Baton Rouge.

“When I met my husband, he said, ‘What do you really want to do?’ and I said, ‘I really want to plan events.’ After that, I hit the ground running.”

For Angela Marie Events, the gateway into the world of event planning was her own wedding, which she planned and executed solely.

“For my wedding, I did this extravagant candy bar,” Babin said. “It had an old gumball machine, chocolates, pretty jars with our names on the top … people died over it. They were like kids in a candy store. I’ll never forget that my grandfather loved his sweets, and boy, he just could not get over it.”

“When someone says that the night is more than she could have ever imagined it to be, I have done my job.”

How does Babin manage the demands of event planning? By being as prepared as possible and knowing how to problem solve. Like when she planned to use black sequin tablecloths for a recent 30th birthday party. They turned out to be completely see through, so to solve the problem, she placed black garbage bags underneath. She assured me that, after trial and error, the secret to success is preparation.

“You have to be prepared on the front end. You have to have back ups—buy more, have extra; that’s the way to do it. You just never know.”

As for the details, Babin is a big proponent of paying attention to the passion and personality of the client. The venue has to match the vision that the bride and groom have, or else it won’t make sense. Babin takes on multiple clients at once, but doesn’t seem to mind the chaos that comes with the job. For her, it’s all about the passion she has for creating the perfect day.

“It’s high-stress, but I’m happy about it. To me, this is a hobby. It’s about the creative thrill.” When asked which event has been her favorite, Babin smiled and took a minute to think. “Everyone has their own personality. Once, I had a celebration at the White Magnolia for a couple that had eloped in Austin, Texas. Their place cards were hot pink cassette tapes. It was so cool and I just had to respect their style.” The bride and groom wanted a music festival themed party, an idea that Babin gladly ran with.

Babin’s favorite part of her dynamic, ever-changing career?

“The end of the night when someone comes up to me and says, ‘This was the best day I’ve ever had in my life.’ When someone says that the night is more than she could have ever imagined it to be, I have done my job. My job is to create something more than my client could have ever imagined. It’s all about the details.”

Photos courtesy of Jen Huang


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