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By Morgan Prewitt

Getting in shape is not a one-size-fits-all affair.

Although running and traditional weightlifting may work for some, others are stuck in fitness limbo as they search for fun ways to get active this summer.

During the Baton Rouge Fitness Crawl, residents can discover alternatives by testing a range of classes offered at gyms and studios throughout the area for free from June 15 to 22.

“It is a week-long event where 18 gyms and studios are offering free classes to brand new clients,” said Maryam Diaab, the event organizer and owner of OpenBarre Studio. “People who have never been to certain studios and gyms can hop or crawl around to different places. Try a class for free to see what gym or studio fits them best.”

Inspired by similar events held in other cities, Diaab said she founded the Crawl in 2014 as a way for new clients to experience the variety of classes available at studios and gyms in the area. Even the name ‘crawl’ represents the event’s local flair.

“It’s kind of a play on a bar crawl where you go from bar to bar, trying different beers or liquors or what have you,” Diaab said. “It’s kind of a play on that, especially since my studio is named OpenBarre. It kind of gives it a more traditional bar feel. I decided it was fun, a kind of play on words.”

Although the 2014 Crawl began with only four studios and gyms, Diaab said the community’s excitement surrounding the event transformed it into something greater than she ever expected with 10 studios and gyms participating.

“I thought, you know, maybe four gyms or so. Keep it really small. Almost like a client swap,” Diaab said. “But, it kind of morphed into a really big city-wide event before the crawl was over last year.”

The Crawl has grown in its second year with 18 studios and gyms contributing more than 40 different kinds of classes, ranging from boxing to stand-up paddle boarding. The classes also cater to different ages to provide something for everyone.

“I love some of new places we’ve added this year, like UFC gym and Muddy Water Paddle Company,” Diaab said. “Those types of things are really different, really unique that you can only find in those locations. I’m really excited about not only seeing community members try those classes, but I want to try some of the classes as well.”

Along with the classes, participants will be eligible for discounts and tastings at local eateries, like Fresh Kitchen, The Big Squeezy, and The Salad Shoppe.
Registration for crawl classes opens June 8 on brfitnesscrawl.com.



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